March 16, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

This week's challenge is one I've been thinking about a LOT.  We all know what has happened in Japan.  It's easy to skip over the details sometimes or to disconnect yourself from it.  It's painful to watch and I think when you see what is really happening you feel sad and helpless.  But, we really can help in a lot of ways.  Maybe we can't fly over and help, but I believe our donations really can make a difference.

It's also easy for me to say, "You should donate."  However, I wanted to do something that would require more from me - a greater contribution.  I wanted to think of something that would help make it easier for you to give.  So, here is my idea.  I have a new pattern that I've been preparing to release.  It's this bag.  I made it a few weeks ago and I get compliments on it wherever I go.  I'm calling it the Tohoku Tote because that's where all the profits will go.

Here's how it'll go.

1) You can pre-purchase the pattern by donating $8 or more to a humanitarian aid program. 

2) E-mail me to tell me you've donated and that you want the pattern.  It's iammommahearmeroar[at]gmail[dot]com.  If you want the pattern you must e-mail me, because leaving a comment here won't always give me your e-mail address.

3) I will e-mail you the pattern and tutorial when it's completed next week.  The pattern will contain a full tutorial with picures, making it easy for even the beginner.  It will also have a second look - a different bow option.  It will come as a PDF file.

4)  I just added this, bue to questions I've been getting.  If you want to spread the word bout this on your own blog you are more than welcome to.  I am happy to give the pattern to as many people as possible. 

That way you'll know that 100% of your funds will be going to help.  I will really only be using the honor system - trusting that you've made a donation when you send me your e-mail.

So, essentially this week's challenge is to give to a humanitarian program to help those in Japan.  If you're not interested in a pattern that's fine.  You can still give.  It's just my way of making it easier for you to give.  Here are two options.  Donate to the Red Cross HERE.  I donate through my church because they have an amazing humanitarian program with less overhead than other organzations.  You can donate there by clicking HERE.

Last week's challenge was to do something for a family member that they don't enjoy doing.  My husband is awesome.  After dinner he always gives the boys a bath.  He doesn't mind doing it, but when he works really late sometimes he is exhausted and just wants to relax.  He came home really late one night, so I did the baths and didn't complain about him being late.  I had plans to do something more grand - like unclogging our nasty shower drain, but unfortuntely he beat me to it.

How did the challenge go for you?


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