March 23, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

As I mentioned Sunday, the response to the Tohoku Tote was amazing last week.  I'm putting the final touches on the pattern and should be e-mailing it out tonight.  There were over 300 pattern requests and most of you donated far more than the required amount.  Wow.  I was so touched by your generous spirit.  Thank you for joining in for a great cause. 

I wanted to give you a sneak preview to the second look of the Tohoku Tote.  The pattern includes instructions for both, so you can choose which version you prefer.  Here it is.

Alright.  Let's talk about this week's challenge.  This week's challenge is totally different from last week's.  The challenge is to appologize quickly.  Now, if you don't ever make mistakes then you won't have to worry about this one :)  You've got the week off.  For the rest of us there's room to improve.  Maybe there's something you wish you hadn't said.  Maybe you've harbored remorse for a while.  Maybe you can even appologize when it's something tiny.  Saying sorry is something I try to do a lot with my kids.  I want them to know that I'm not perfect and that I'm learning too.  I'm trying to think of different ways I can incorporate appologizing into this week. 

I don't think there's much to hear from you about how last week's challenge went since I already heard from you if you made a donation.  Feel free to add to the appology ideas.  I think this could be an interesting topic.

Thanks for reading.


Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

I think this week's challenge is great. Thanks for the gentle reminders and encouragement to be better people!

Stacey C. said...

I constantly say sorry to my kids as well. Sometimes it's so easy to get frustrated and upset with toddlers, but they still need to understand that it's not okay to get angry.

And I'm a firm believer that the best way to say sorry to your husband is with some yummy homemade food! Apologies always go over much better with chocolate :)

Callie said...

I can't take credit for this idea but one of my neighbors mentioned that she is trying to get her kids to apologize to each other when fighting etc. and instead of making them go say they are sorry she asks the kids to go make things right which includes saying sorry, returning toys, giving hugs etc. Sometimes kids (and myself) included become laxed and just say "sorry" to get out of trouble but hopefully when asked to make things right it becomes a little more meaningful.

Missy said...

Oh man, I must have missed it all. I love this tote. What are the donations and how could I possibly get a copy of the pattern?

Unknown said...

Oh, shoot, I get this week off then, spifferific! ;) Actually I got this one covered this morning already, I jokingly replied 'yes boss' in a reply email to my pregnant sister in law which I mean, what was I thinking, the woman is popping out a baby in four weeks and her hormones are on overload, a simple 'yes' or 'no' is probably the best bet...

Nopinkertons said...

This is interesting, because my husband thinks I apologize too much, for things that aren't my fault or which are not actual hurts (for example, "Can you hand me that dirty plate?" "Oh, sorry--here."). He doesn't like it when I apologize to our son for making him do things which are necessary (like put on a coat to go outside), just because our son is upset about it.

He says he doesn't want our son to grow up thinking that he is responsible for everyone else's happiness and apologizing for things he shouldn't have to apologize for. Lest you think my husband is kind of a jerk, I actually think he overapologizes, too.

So I have been thinking on and off about how to teach my son what the difference is. You don't have to apologize just because someone else feels bad or is irritated, even if your actions caused it. My son cries when someone is playing with a toy he wants, but I don't expect the other kid to apologize for getting to the toy first.

Melissa Lewis said...

I'm so sorry, I missed last weeks challenge:) But I am so loving this one. And your tote is adorable!!!

Biz said...

I'm so excited to choose fabric for my tote & I love the bow on this one!
As for this weeks wake up Wednesday...phew this could be hard.
I don't like drama and I normally try to get issues resolved quickly, but I will definitely keep the words, "I'm sorry" close this week for an appropriate situation :)
Have a Blessed Wednesday!

F e l i c i t y said...

Wonderful challenge! This is one that I have a very hard time with. Pride. Bleh.

I'm giving you another award! Check out my blog tomorrow if you can - I'll post it then. :)

felicity, at

Brigette said...

I love your blog--I just found it and I feel like I have a new purpose in life! I hope it's not too late to participate in the tohoku tote challenge--we actually donated some money (more than the $8) to the LDS humanitarian fund on Sunday--is it too late to get the pattern?
Thanks again for all your hard work. It keeps us other mommas happy!!

Brigette said...

Oh, forgot the

Andrews Family said...

Thank you so much for what you are doing for Japan! I live in Japan and this whole thing has been awful. My heart breaks every day thinking about it. But I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father and I know that he will comfort those that are mourning right now. I know because he has been comforting me the whole time and I just live here. We live just outside of Tokyo and are far enough away from any danger. We've felt lots of earthquakes but that's it. My husband is in the U.S. military here and know that everyone has been working around the clock to help bring relief to the Japanese. Some active duty members have barely slept since it happened. We love Japan so much and pray for our host country everyday. Thanks again for your love. Every little thing will help right now!


P.S. We will be donating to the Humanitarian Fund this Sunday. I would love your Tohoku Tote version two tutorial. I love it and definitely need a new bag. (I will email this to you also). Thanks again!

Lyndsay said...

Did the pattern go out on Wednesday? I didn't get mine and I'm anxiously waiting!

Jeannine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeannine said...

Hi Cheri:

We've donated to the Humanitarian efforts, can I get the tote pattern? Love the new pattern, so cute!



Unknown said...

Hi, I'm also wondering if we can still get the pattern as I just found your blog today. Please let me know~ my husband and I were in Japan last year working and have donated money and I'm making quilts to send over to those who lost everything! Thanks in advance!


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