April 04, 2011

A Skirt to Match the Shirt

Two things before we get started.  First of all, thanks for all the feedback on our sharing Saturday question.  I am always touched to see you guys take the time to share your experiences in order to help one another out.  You guys rock.  Secondly, if by some chance you donated and didn't receive the Tohoku Tote pattern will you please drop me an e-mail?  I sent them all out a while back but I'm hoping I didn't miss anyone.  Okay on to today's project.

Now I love to craft and create a whole lot.  However, I'm also a very logical person (for the most part....but don't ask my husband :)  Okay, here's where I'm going with this one.  I don't like to spend hours making something that I could buy for a low price.  When I sew I try to make sure I'm making it personalized so it's not something I could go out and buy. 

So I wanted to make a skirt to go with the shirt I made HERE.  Then I saw these 3 ruffle skirts at Wal-mart with built in shorts for $3.50!  I can't make it for that so I snatched it up.  After I had cut out the design for the shirt I made I had a little bit of the fabric with the adhesive on it left over.  I cut out a bird and some hearts from it.

I ironed them on to the skirt and then stitched around them.

Cute?  Check.  Inexpensive?  Check.  Easy?  Check.

And now my little niece will have a completely personalized little number to run around in.

It's fun to have a quick, easy project sometimes.  Don't you think?  This would be a pretty easy one to whip up for a gift.

That's all for today.  Thanks for dropping in.


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