April 10, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - boys, boys, boys

My sister and her husband recently purchased a home and they (along with my parents) have been working on it nonstop.  That meant I got to spend some extra time with my nephews.  Our boys are close in age and they love to play together.  This is what the line up looked like this week.  I am grateful they have each other.

Rex thought he came up with a clever way to get me to stop taking pictures of him this week.  Oh, not so.  Now I have ones to embarrass him with when he brings that special girl home to meet us someday.

Now the goggles are a whole different story.  We went to the dollar store the other day and I let Rex pick out one thing.  He has been begging me for goggles for over a year now.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I apparently he has a goggle fettish.  Whatever.

He has been wearing these puppies everywhere and I'm not talking about to the pool.  I banned him from wearing them to school though. I didn't want him to be known as goggle boy. That could stick, you know :)

I'm grateful for his funny personality.  It makes my life a lot more fun.

What were you thankful for this week?


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