April 06, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to buy or plant flowers for someone.  I planned on planting some flowers at my sister's home.  She and her husband just bought their first home and have busy renovating it.  Frankly, I had to give her a rain check because we got 6 inches of snow the other day.  I don't mind a little snow, but that was a lot.  I think I got a little overly anxious with the flower challenge.  Spring just isn't quite here in Utah.  No worries.  I'll plant some for her in a few weeks.

This week's challenge is to refrain from speaking negatively about others.  Yeah, that's a big one.  It's so easy to analyze other people's actions and make comments to others about them.  Sometimes it's just a little thing, but my mom used to make us evaluate whether what we were saying was kind, necessary, and true.  Yikes.  That cuts out a lot of conversation :)  For me there's a goal that's even bigger than this that I've been thinking about a lot lately.  I have come to the conclusion that is it really important for us to believe in each other - not to criticize or analyze, but to believe.  Believing in others helps them rise to their potential.  I have witnessed some amazing changes in others when someone chose to believe in them. 

If you're participating in this challenge I have a suggestion.  It's not a challenge you can just check off the list.  I think it would be great to have a visual reminder somewhere for yourself.  Maybe you could tack up a little note on your mirror or in your car.  Whatever works for you.

Now, let's hear about how last week's challenge went for you.  Did you buy someone flowers?


  1. I did, twice! (three times if you count buying them for myself ;) )

    The first was for my Grandma. She watches my son once a week so that I can do some extra school work and have a little bit of 'me' time. Pink calla lilies are her favourite, so while I was rushing to school one morning I stopped to pick some up. I have a key to her house so I just snuck in and put them on her counter. She called me all excited when she realized they were there.

    The second person was a friend who has us over for a play date after church every week. She's so kind to offer her home to us, so in addition to bringing dessert and a veggie tray this week - I picked up a little basket with african violets in it.

    I loved this challenge. However, this week may prove to be difficult...but I'm going to try!

  2. I loved your flower challenge it is such a cheap easy and sweet way to tell people that you care and are thinking about them. I think I may keep this one going for as long as the weather will let me :)

  3. I brought my daycare lady daffidols for her mom's birthday-- her mother who also helped with her daycare passed away almost a year ago, so I knew these upcoming weeks were going to be hard on her, she loved them!

  4. I didn't give any out yet but I did plant some seeds that I am hoping will become plants for me to hand out when they are finished. I still plan to give some little plants to a few friends this month as well.
    I love the new challenge and I love what your mom said about what we say being kind, necessary and true! I also like the idea about believing in others. This reminds me of the Mother Theresa quote "If you judge people you have not time to love them." I think she would have liked your blog :-)

  5. I bought some flowers for my daughter and she loved them so much. They brought her a lot of joy.

  6. if by 'flowers' you mean 'a meal' then yessssss. >_> and if by 'a meal' you mean 'nacho platter disguised as a meal' then most definitely.

    I'm pretty good at this one, I'm very sensitive to negativity so I am very careful what I say. However, there is one person in particular who just gets my goat and it is far too easy when she gets brought up in conversation for me to be negative. I might need to get a tattoo on my inner wrist that says 'say nice things about X' (im nice TOO her but not ABOUT her, which in my opinion is possibly worse) I just have to be careful not to shake her hand after that or she'll wonder what that's about. ;p But seriously, I really am trying to say nice things or nothing about her, but I'll make double sure to do that this week.

  7. I bought some bea~ YOOO~ tiful, tulips for a friend.I'm not sure who had a bigger smile me or her!

  8. I failed the flower challenge, because our move was a lot more hectic than we anticipated, but I'll make up for it this week. This week's challenge is going to be just that. I'm going to tack up my reminders and try my hardest though!

  9. I'm not gonna lie. This is going to be a tough one.

  10. I was so happy for your challenge last week. My son is recovering from surgery and I had a few friends who really helped out a LOT. I wanted to do something a little more than my normal thank you card. I bought them some beautiful petunias and just wrapped a pretty ribbon around the plastic planter. It wasn't very expensive and they really seemed to like them. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Holy cow, do I ever need this challenge for when I'm driving in the car...

  12. Anonymous6.4.11

    I planted for my mom peas, onions, shallots, and garlic :). I'm hopIng I will share in the harvest. Now, for this weeks challenge I think I will modify it slightly to also not saying any negative things about myself (that will be a big challenge). Thanks so much!

  13. I LOVE your advice! Are you going to creative estates? I NEED to use this paragraph about saying nice things, in my panel! Would you mind? I will totally quote you on it :)
    It just says everything perfectly. You're so well spoken!

  14. I try to speak positively about other people and continually quote those exact words to my sons! My favourite saying (for me) is by the Buddha
    " Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself three questions: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

  15. If there was one thing I wish I could do consistently (even more than my wish to get exercising) it would be to just be nice about people. There really is no good that comes from talking bad about people.
    So, I have loved reading your Wake Up Wednesday Ideas and haven't actually participated...yet. I have some flower to give someone but I need them to get a little stronger (and like you said wait until snow is less likely) before I give them away. I bought a container of daisies when I was 17 because I loved them (you know the kind at the grocery store meant mostly for graves?). Anyway, I planted them in my parents' garden in Iowa. I moved away and the daisies flourished. When my parents sold the house and moved, I made to take a chunk of them with me. They now flourish in my backyard. I have a sweet widow who lives across the street who has been a surrogate grandma to me and I a grand-daughter to her for about 5 years. I have a start of the daisies for her and plan to bring them over in the next month. I know that she will appreciate the gesture for what it is, but I am hoping she will love them more because they have been "my" daisies for 17 years. (Sorry for the ultra long response!)
    Keep up your goodness. I love what you do here. Not just Wednesdays, but every day. :)

  16. I loved this challenge! My daughter and I planted some tulips for my grandma and she was thrilled!

  17. I totally gave the girl I VT a flower! She thought it was awesome that I brought her a tulip to plant. And it's her favorite flower. (had no idea!) Anyway... thanks for the challenge!


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