May 18, 2011

Color My Summer - Green

If you're stopping over from  Delia Creates then welcome!  If you're not then let me explain that this is a guest post for the series she's been doing called "Color Your Summer." (We'll be doing Wake Up Wednesday tomorrow instead.)  It's a series based on color and summer fun.  I'm excited to be participating.   It's been so fun to see what everyone has come up with. I picked green at first for one reason.   It's Rex's favorite color.   Everything has to be green in our world.

Well, I thought I would show you two super simple activities to do with your kids that are green and "green."  I love being able to reuse things, rather than spending money at the store.  I think thriftiness breeds creativity.  And now that summer is approaching, it's nice to have a little activity you can whip out without having to go to the store.  My son has an amazing preschool teacher that comes up with the greatest recycled toys and I'm going to share a couple with you today. 
Here's a quick and easy boat you can help your child make in seconds.  It's perfect for floating in a large puddle or even in the sink or bathtub.

The items are listed below and it's easy enough for a little one to put together.

The next idea is even easier.  You just take a milk jug and cut off the bottom.  Now you have a fun game of catch to play.  Just find a small ball.

The handle is perfect and you don't even have to worry about keeping the cap because the ball is too big to slip through.

Make two to play together...

...or just practice throwing catching on your own.

After a while you'll be a pro.

So, let the summer countdown begin!  Thanks for stopping by!


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