May 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Wall

First of all, thanks for all your kind and funny comments yesterday.  It's good to know I'm not alone in my odd idiosyncrasies.  Your comments all made me smile.  And I hope we can still be friends even if I don't like Pride and Prejudice.  (And maybe I'll try the Keira Knightly one some of you mentioned :)
Today I'm going to show you how I redecorated my master bedroom wall without spending a dime.  We are one a really tight budget right now, which makes it hard when you want to change things up.  Well, I had a couple of shelves on the wall before, but Rex accidentally pulled one down and the wall needed a change.
Here is what it looks like now.  (By the time I finished it it wasn't as bright in the room, so the photos are as clear as I wanted.)
Okay, let's break it down from left to right.  The first frame I already had from my college years.  The cage looking thing I bought several months ago.  I wanted to put it in the kitchen with fruit in it, but I didn't have any space for it.  So, it sat on my floor for a really long time.  Now it holds an vintage dictionary and some decorative balls.  (The cage was from TaiPan if you're in Utah.)

The giant leaf was a table decoration from a long time ago.  I didn't have a place for it anymore, but I still loved it.

So, I tied a string between the feet on it so I could hang it on the wall.

The vase was from HERE.  I had a frame that happened to fit around it perfectly.  I just removed the glass and hung it.
The tiny crate thing was from a thrift shop and I bought it several months ago for a buck.

I just added a little vinyl and left space to throw in a picture or a small object.

The patterned frames were from an old post I did HERE.  The door knob picture is one I took a while back, but recently just added HERE to my etsy shop along with another one that makes a great set with it.  I might still add a couple tiny things.  We'll see.
And there you have it.  A new look for free.  I like free.  My husband really likes free.
Thanks for dropping in.


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