May 19, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday (on Thursday)

Last week's challenge was to pass on praise.  While this is something I try to do normally, I tried to think about it more.  And you know what I discovered?  This has an amazing effect on kids in particular.  I love how a child's eyes just light up when you tell them how great they are.  Some of them get a bashful smile.  It's so sweet.  Children almost seem to know how to take a compliment better than adults.

This week's challenge is to restart a past resolution.  Was there a resolution you made this year that has slipped through the cracks?  Is there something you initially tried to do, but eventually gave up on?  Well, let's get back on the horse and ride!  I set a goal to exercise regularly about six months ago but I've let it go the last month.  Things got busy and it got put on the back burner.  However, I'm going to try to get rolling again.  Who says that resolutions have to be a January thing?
Now originally the idea of Wake Up Wednesday was to recognize the world around you and to reach out.  Occasionally I have made the challenge personal goals rather than service-oriented challenges, but I think it's all related.  When we strengthen ourselves, we end up having more to give and offer others.  For example, by being in better shape I can be more active with my kids which benefits them as well.  Okay.  I'm done blabbing.
Thanks for reading.  I really appreciate all of you.


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