May 19, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday (on Thursday)

Last week's challenge was to pass on praise.  While this is something I try to do normally, I tried to think about it more.  And you know what I discovered?  This has an amazing effect on kids in particular.  I love how a child's eyes just light up when you tell them how great they are.  Some of them get a bashful smile.  It's so sweet.  Children almost seem to know how to take a compliment better than adults.

This week's challenge is to restart a past resolution.  Was there a resolution you made this year that has slipped through the cracks?  Is there something you initially tried to do, but eventually gave up on?  Well, let's get back on the horse and ride!  I set a goal to exercise regularly about six months ago but I've let it go the last month.  Things got busy and it got put on the back burner.  However, I'm going to try to get rolling again.  Who says that resolutions have to be a January thing?
Now originally the idea of Wake Up Wednesday was to recognize the world around you and to reach out.  Occasionally I have made the challenge personal goals rather than service-oriented challenges, but I think it's all related.  When we strengthen ourselves, we end up having more to give and offer others.  For example, by being in better shape I can be more active with my kids which benefits them as well.  Okay.  I'm done blabbing.
Thanks for reading.  I really appreciate all of you.


The Miller Five said...

My resolution was to start doing more service in our community. Namely, helping out at a homeless shelter. I feel like my kids need that experience to make them more humble. We have yet to do it. This is just the little push that I needed! I'm going to find out where we can help!

Unknown said...

oooh! Love this one! I set a goal to always use my reusable grocery bags this year. Not a huge goal, but something I need to work on for sure! Thanks for the reminder to keep it up!

Pearl Girl said...

ooooh, definately your most challenginf W.U.W. yet, yikes.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

My 3 year old, Asher, has issues with only wanting to wear his jammies... EVERYDAY/EVERYWHERE!

I told him that if he wore regular clothes he would get a sticker each day so that he could earn some Lightning McQueen sneakers.

I gave him two extra stickers yesterday, because he shared with his two year old sister Abbie. I really talked it up and told him how proud I was. So he shared again, and had this huge smile on his face:)

Aimee said...

I thought that resolutuins were to break... huhweird. Well mine is a very popular one...or two. I wanted to be a better Christian rolls model for children, friends, and family. I hope that I am still doing this throughout every day of my life. The second goal was to get healthy...aka lose weight or exercise. Like you let it slip last couple of months. Now with school coming to an end, my daughter starting her last year of high school, and auditioning for American Idol next month - I definitely need to get in shape. Wish me luck and willpower on this weeks challenge. The first part is easier than the second part for me. Have a great week!

.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

Thanks for the compliment! Sorry I haven't been actively participating in Wake up Wednesdays :) But I'm back and ready to go!

Last week I made a huge attempt to compliment people all the time. Like you, I really try to do this anyways, but I went out of my way to do it this week. I really love telling someone they look pretty on a regular day.

I don't really make 'resolutions', but I'm with you on being more active and healthy. So, this week that is what I'll try to do! Which means going back to spin classes on Tuesday nights and getting proper sleep.

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

Hilary said...

So funny- I just blogged about this last week! My biggest resolution failure is not getting out my sewing machine yet this year. I am doing OK with the others!

Lauren said...

I complimented my daughter, especially when she is "drawing" (she's 22 months) and now every time she draws she looks up at me, gasps, and says "wow, pretty"! <3

My resolution was to be positive and see the good in things rather than the bad. I am doing pretty good with it but this is a nice reminder since things have been stressful lately. :)


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