May 11, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to write a letter and take a stand.  Have you all seen those billboards from (the Foundation for a Better Life)?  I love them.  They always make me think and they make me happy.  I decided to write them a letter to tell them how much I appreciate what they do.  When I searched online I found their site HERE and I realized they have commercials as well.  They are completely non-profit, with the goal to promote positive values. 
As you drive down the freeway there are so many signs and it feels like everyone wants something from you - get your loan from us, get plastic surgery here, blah, blah, blah.  It's absolutely refreshing to have a sign that merely encourages you to be a better person.  I loved THIS VIDEO in particular from their site.  Anyhow, I dropped them a note to thank them for doing good things.

This week's challenge is to pass on praise.  This is something I've tried really hard to do and I think it makes a big difference.  Whenever you hear someone say something kind about someone else, just be sure and share that with the person they were talking about.  I love telling my husband when Rex has said something really sweet about him.  Who doesn't like to hear positive feedback?  I think it's a wonderful way to unite a family or any group of people.  I love telling someone that I heard other people saying great things about them.  So that's this week's challenge.  Pass it on.

How did last week go for you?  Did you get the chance to write a letter to anyone?  I'd lvoe to hear about it.  Thanks for reading.


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