May 25, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to revisit a past resolution.  I did make it back to the gym this week, but now the challenge will be to make it a frequent practice again.  So much flab, so little time :)

This week's challenge is to honor a soldier or veteran.  As Memorial Day approaches I think this will be a great opportunity to express some gratitude to those who serve or who have served.  Too often we think of this weekend as a nice time to take a vacation or the beginning of summer.  However, maybe we could try to make it mean more.  You could write a letter to a soldier.  You could bring flowers to a veteran's grave.  I recognize that many of you are from different countries where this isn't a holiday, but I think you can still find a way to honor those who serve your country.

So, how did last week's challenge go?  Did you restart a past resolution?  How did it go?


  1. This picture is really moving... thank you, it gives me a lot to think about, and what i can do with my kids for this challenge

  2. I went above and beyond on last week's challenge. I started a food and exercise diary and ran a total of 12 miles last week. My goal was a mile per day. I'm very proud of myself.

    This week's challenge will be an easy one for me. My brother is in the service and my heart is full of pride. He drove a humvee in the Armed Forces Day parade in Oklahoma. He had a close call last month and avoided being deployed to Iraq. However, I am well aware that he may still get called up at any time. For Memorial Day, I will write him a hand-written letter expressing my gratitude and admiration for him.

  3. Hi Cheri! This comment's not about Wake Up Wednesday. I was browsing Zulily this morning and saw they have a sale going on a whole selection of superhero t-shirts for kids (most are $11.99). I thought of Rex and thought I'd just let you know. :D
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  4. I just wanted to let you know how important/how much I really like this weeks theme. My husband is in the US Air Force, and I have learned first hand what a difference a thank you can make to our active military and veterans.

    We have had people stop and hug him in stores, we have had people thank him on the street, and twice someone at a restaurant has anonymously paid for our meal. Each and every person who has thanked him has made his day, and he has just glowed with the pride of what he does, and that the American people back him.

    Many of our military are getting worn down to the soul by repeated deployments, and media coverage that is so anti-war. It is so important to let our veterans know, that regardless of any political position on the wars, we are not anti-military ('cause it can sometimes feel like that to them when all they hear is negative stuff in the media about what they are doing)

  5. That's exactly what my kids and I are doing because my brother just joined the army and he's in boot camp for the next several weeks! Email me if you want his address! :)

  6. I just wanted to add to Catherine G's comment. My dad is a retired Army Captain. After his second tour of duty in Vietnam, he called my mom from the airport on his way home and asked her to make sure she brought him civilian clothing to change into ASAP. From experience, he knew he would be spat upon and worse in the US airports. I know many vetrans of that war have similiar stories. Because of that, he's always gone above and beyond to thank and recognize those in uniform and taught us to do the same. Whether you agree with a war/action or not, those wearing the uniforms are still sacrificing for ideals and values higher than any government motives. This is a great Wakeup Wednesday, Cheri!

  7. Thank you for the post. I will have my husband leaving for deployment for a year in a few weeks. He will be going to Afghanistan and one of the things they told us to do is write, write, write. It is very difficult for them to be away and getting a letter, note, candy anything makes their day. We have 4 kids and we are always talking about what we are going to do for the year to go by fast.So we will be writting daddy a ton! Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for your post. I served in the Marine Corps and my husband is still serving in the Marine Corps. He recently got back from six months in Afghanistan. Most people do forget what Memorial Day is really about, all they think is yay I get the day off. It's important that people honor those who serve and are aware and grateful for those who continue to serve.

    There are times we meet people and think wow this is who we fight for, these are the people my husband could die for. It's upsetting at times but we see the bigger picture and proudly serve our country. Thank you.

  9. My sister was a Marine and went to Bahrain in the Gulf War. I appreciate our military so much.

    I've started going to the gym.

  10. I love this challenge. When the soldiers come home from duty, they come through our airport first. Every day, crowds of people go to the airport to greet the soldiers and thank them. We've done it at least once a year for the last few years and it's the most amazing experience. You can see one visit here if interested:

  11. There are lots of military servicemen/women in our city. Whenever one comes home from deployment our city lines the main street with flags and yellow ribbons and a police/ firetruck caravan escorts them to the town center. I always pull out our flag, round up the children and we wave as they drive past our street. I love this wake-up idea.

  12. Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for this post. I am a military daughter, sister, niece and now wife (plus many more). It is so nice to see that so many others really do appreciate the work these men and women do for ALL of us everyday.

  13. I didn't really have a resolution to restart, but I am keeping on track with my goal to be healthier! I have been playing a lot of baseball and watching more closely what I eat - which means preparing healthy lunches to take to work. Feff... I am exhausted too!

  14. Just wanted to say Thank You for this post. As an Army Wife it means a lot!!!!! My husband just returned from his third deployment. I had many people ask if they could write or send him care packages while he was deployed. It really helped with his morale. Thank you to all our men and women serving in the military and to our Veterans!!!!

  15. Cheri! It was so cool to see you today. I am writing about it a bit in my post tomorrow. :)

    Oh and I took this challenge. There is a new guy in our ward that just retired from the Army { i hope that's the right term}. He is new to the Church and was in our Gospel Principles Class that my husband and I attend because Jared is a ward missionary. It was so neat to hear about his experience serving for 10 years. I could tell it was difficult for him to talk about it but it was apart of his conversion story so he did. Jared and I thanked him for all he did. His service pricked my heart and made me so much more grateful for all of our service men and women.


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