May 25, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to revisit a past resolution.  I did make it back to the gym this week, but now the challenge will be to make it a frequent practice again.  So much flab, so little time :)

This week's challenge is to honor a soldier or veteran.  As Memorial Day approaches I think this will be a great opportunity to express some gratitude to those who serve or who have served.  Too often we think of this weekend as a nice time to take a vacation or the beginning of summer.  However, maybe we could try to make it mean more.  You could write a letter to a soldier.  You could bring flowers to a veteran's grave.  I recognize that many of you are from different countries where this isn't a holiday, but I think you can still find a way to honor those who serve your country.

So, how did last week's challenge go?  Did you restart a past resolution?  How did it go?


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