June 16, 2011

Good Boy Passport

I asked a question on the last Sharing Saturday regarding how you were disciplined as a child and how you now discipline your children.  I thoroughly enjoyed your honest answers.  Lately Rex has been challenging me a lot.  On top of that, the normal things we've done to discipline him just haven't been working lately.  I've also felt like I wanted to do something more positive for him so it wasn't all about time outs.
Well, yesterday I made him this little book.  (Note: I'm not asking you to critique my parenting methods, I'm just sharing an idea.)  I'm calling it his "Good Boy Passport."  Each page lists a challenge for him and when he accomplishes it he gets a stamp in the box. 

When all the boxes in the book are filled he gets a night out with mom and dad all to himself. He gets to choose the activities (the park, the pet store, maybe ice cream). I didn't want toys to be the incentive because I don't think he needs more toys and I didn't want this to get expensive, as we're currently on a tight budget.

Since I made the book, I picked little things that I thought would be good for him to work on.  I also drew little pictures on the page to help him remember what the challenges were, since he can't read yet.

Some of the challenges are fairly easy....

...and some are a bit funny.  (Like the poorly drawn potty?  I thought it was a better choice than drawing poop.  Right?)

If you want instructions on making the little booklet out of one piece of paper, click HERE for the tutorial.  It's the same booklet I used for our photo scavenger hunt.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.  I'm excited to try something new with him and I hope he likes it.

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