June 09, 2011

Short Dress to Maxi Dress

Just like my shirts, sometimes I have a dress that shrinks up a bit.  Even if I know I shouldn't dry it, sometimes it makes it way into the dryer accidentally.  Whoops!  Anyhow, that was the story with a little black dress I had.  After taking matters into my own hands, now it looks like this.

I love maxi dresses and they are big right now.  Why do I love them?  Let's be honest.  I can head out the door to church without shaving or lotioning my legs.  Plus, no one has to shield their eyes from my glow-in-the-dark, pasty, white legs.

Here was the dress before.

I measured how much length I needed to add to the dress to make it floor length and then I divided it by two for the two layers.  I made sure each layer was wider than the previous one.  It doesn't have to be by a ton, just enough to let you gather it a bit.  (The new layers have a back and front and are sewn into a loop.  The seams are on the edges to match the dress.)

I stitched the top of each new layer using a basting stitch and gathered the fabric until it matched the width of the previous layer.  Then I pinned it on, stitched it on, and removed the basting stitch.  I didn't hem the bottom because it's knit and it was rolling up anyhow, which I liked.
So, did I shave my legs today? Now nobody knows. (Though it's a 80% chance that I didn't.)
What?  You want to see my hairstyle?  (Just pretend you asked, okay?)
I've been doing some hair homework to prepare for HAIR WEEK!  That's right.  Hair week is back by popular demand.  It'll be at the end of this month.  Stay tuned.
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