Homemade Gripper Socks – Make Non-Slip Socks With One Material

We have been living in our current home for almost two years. One thing I loved about this home when we looked through it was the hardwood flooring. Once we moved in we quickly realized just how slippery it was.

I made sure to buy socks that had some sort of gripper on the bottom for our child. However, he recently arrived at the shoe size where they don’t sell gripper socks in his size anymore. He’s had a lot of wipeouts. While I could say, “He’ll learn,” I thought of a better solution so he’d be able to run like the wind.

Homemade Gripper Socks!

But, before we get started I want to show you just how slippery our floors really are.

Our project was fast, easy, and fun. I got out my Tulip Slick Paints and started drawing all over the back of the socks.

I applied the paint fairly thick to make the gripping action strong.

I let him pick what designs he wanted so that he would be excited to wear them.

This pair is my favorite.

No more wipeouts for us.

Now, who wants to come over and race around the house?

ADDENDUM: Due to the stretching of the socks the pictures have started to crack a bit. That doesn’t really bother us here, but if it’s going to bug you then I recommend doing a simpler design or a lot of smaller lines. For example, instead of a giant thunderbolt, I could do a bunch of little ones. Dots work great also.

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