June 08, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to gather some things you don't use or really need and donate them.  We took a big load of stuff to DI.  I love that feeling of unloading the clutter and it's also so nice to know that you can do good things just by donating things.
This week's challenge is to report a job well done.  Maybe someone working at the store went the extra mile to help you find what you needed.  You could find the manager and let him or her know.  Maybe a coworker is working extra hard and you can mention it to the boss.  Maybe your friend's daughter was exceptionally kind to someone and you can let her mother know.  You could even call the number on the truck that says, "How's my driving?"  This challenge won't take a lot of time, but it could really help someone out.
Did any of you find something to donate this past week?  Let's hear about it.  Thanks for reading.


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