July 21, 2011

Throw Up Thursday

What?  You're wondering why there isn't a post today?  Well, today's tutorial is how to keep your sanity when your everyone is sick.  Baden spent all Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday throwing up.  Then I got sick yesterday and them Rex started throwing up last night.  It's one thing when it's a 24 hour bug, but this is a whole different beast.

So?  We're wiped out.  I had the first few days of the week already ready to post so things kept rolling here, but I couldn't keep up with all the clean up and post today.  Baden didn't hit the toilet or bucket once.  Ugh!

On a nice note, THANK YOU to all of you who ordered the "Anyway" quote.  I was thrilled by your response to it.  And for those of you who keep emailing my about the spelling error - I know.  I've been told many, many times and I appreciate your help.  I also mentioned in the post that it's been fixed for the etsy shop version (but I think no one read that because I keep getting emails about it).

So, here's to feeling better.  My birthday is approaching and I guess I'd rather be sick now than then.  Thanks for dropping in for this ridiculously boring post.  You're sweet.


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