July 06, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

The last challenge was to learn the names of three people and use their name to greet them.  While I did learn some names, I didn't get the chance to use them because I didn't end up seeing them.  However, the next time I do I'll be ready.

This week's challenge is a little different than the past challenges.  I ran across a cool blog a few months ago.  It's called the Shine Project.  She does weekly challenges just like we do and I thought it might be fun to join forces this week.  You see, she's doing something awesome and she needs some more help.  You can read about it HERE.  It won't take a lot of work, but it could make a big impact in someone's life.  All you need is a jar and your heart.  This week's challenge is to collect change for change.

Do you think we can help her out?  I hope so.  Now, how did the last challenge go for you?

Thanks for stopping by.


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