July 06, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

The last challenge was to learn the names of three people and use their name to greet them.  While I did learn some names, I didn't get the chance to use them because I didn't end up seeing them.  However, the next time I do I'll be ready.

This week's challenge is a little different than the past challenges.  I ran across a cool blog a few months ago.  It's called the Shine Project.  She does weekly challenges just like we do and I thought it might be fun to join forces this week.  You see, she's doing something awesome and she needs some more help.  You can read about it HERE.  It won't take a lot of work, but it could make a big impact in someone's life.  All you need is a jar and your heart.  This week's challenge is to collect change for change.

Do you think we can help her out?  I hope so.  Now, how did the last challenge go for you?

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  1. What a great Idea! I sent her an email so I can get started right away!

  2. I didn't meet anyone new this week to even have a chance to remember a name.

    But I do have a story along those lines that might count. I am a teacher and when I was still in college one of my professors memorized our names the first day of class. The class was smallish one of about 25 (instead of a huge lecture hall-type class). He paid careful attention to us when he talked that first day and I think we did wear name tags that day only. At the end of the class period he told us that each year our students come to us with one thing that is truly theirs ~ their names. He challenged us to memorize their names the FIRST DAY every year to honor each child's importance. Not only did he memorize our names, but after the semester was over if he saw us around campus he would say hello to us by name.

    This spoke to me and impressed me. I can proudly say that each year I've taught so far (that'd be 15) I have memorized the students' names on the first day of school. There are times all year where I will mix kids up here and there ~ but I also do that to my own children! :)

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  4. We just did this at church for the month of June. We called ours Change for the World. Every Sunday kids brought in their change and we used it to purchase animals through World Vision, an organization that makes business owners out of everyday people usually across the world. The kids brought in about $750.00. I was sooo proud of them. I hope she is successful at it too!

  5. We were on vacation, so this one was easy for me. I used our waitress' name and our tour guide. It was obvious our waitress was having a bad night, so when I used her name and told her we appreciated her smile and service, it seemed to cheer her up. It's amazing how people react when you use their name.

    I heard about the Shine Project a few weeks back and it is an amazing project. Our budget is tight right now, but I pledge to make a jar and save from now until October. All that money I find in the washing machine is going in the jar!

  6. Cheri, I love your Wednesdays. Even though I don't do every single one of your challenges, they inspire me and make me think. I've started a "Crafting For A Cause" monthly idea and also have been a little disappointed how many/few people participate. Maybe if we (a few of the "bigger" bloggers) choose one cause for the month, then people will think about it it and do it. Just a thought. I'm all for scholarships. I made it through 5 years of college without paying tuition, some years without paying the fees and sometimes even getting money back to pay for books. My dream was to be able to help other students with tuition by donating money back. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case as my husband doesn't make much and I choose to try to be a SAHM (even though I work 2 part-time jobs). I will probably send a little money her way! thanks. Michelle

  7. Loved the note at the beginning. I read the post Wednesday and went to the site and thought a lot about it actually. I thought it would be fun for my boys and I to do but at the site it seemed like they wanted a commitment of $100 and right now I don't think I can commit to that, though I would like to do one with just my boys and friends that come along. I wonder if anyone felt the same way....Anyways, were still doing it and hope to get as much as we can.

  8. I just wanted to comment that this is something my family did growing up. We had a jar that we gave away at Christmas time that we had filled with all of our change that year. It was a fun and charitable way to include the whole family in the amazing feeling you get. What a grea idea.

  9. I didn't find 3 new people, but I asked a nice guy at work who does cleaning and fixing his name since he always says hello but I never knew his name. It's Tony :)

  10. Thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to start saving my change to give to a family that is saving up for adoption. It's now up and labeled and ready to collect!


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