July 27, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to be a patient driver.  With my sick little guys we didn't get out as much, but I tried to slow down a bit when we did.  I don't mean less MPH, but rather feeling less rushed.  For me, the lack of patience when driving is all related to the need to slow everything down.  I'm working on that :)
This week's challenge was also inspired by a reader.  The challenge is to try to avoid using a car.  I realize that's not possible for everyone, but I think we can all make some effort.  Ride a bike.  Find some public transportation.  Carpool.  Take your time and walk.  It'll be good for the environment and for our minds.  I'm excited to give it a shot.

That's all for today.  Did you try to be a patient driver this week?  Let's hear about it.


  1. I would love to be able to ride a bike everywhere! I want it to be a cute bike with a cute basket :)
    I wish it wasn't so freaking hot though .....

  2. I feel like I was patient... sometimes. I let that big ol' semi infront of me when he needed to get over, I didn't really curse, I used the left lane ONLY for passing since that's what it is for.


  3. Epic fail. Driving is my biggest hurdle. People on the east coast are in a huge hurry and they are so rude. I got cut off countless times, honked at while stopping at stop signs, tailgated at a dangerous distance and got the finger twice. All in FOUR days of driving!

    I'm absolutely taking this weeks challenge. We live in a small town, so it's no problem to load up the wagon and go! This should help my patience and thus my anxiety level!

  4. Love this. Especially coming off Trek. A) The pioneers did it. B) I want something to help keep me moving now that I finished. Thanks!!!

  5. Loving your sense of social responsibility and the inspiration to pass it on to others.
    We hardly ever use our car (we live in a small town with FREE public transportation to the next large town over). My husband and I both work from home, but when we didn't I would walk to work (what a blessing!) and he would take the bus.
    I also appreciate the bit about clearing your mind as well as helping the environment. So true!

  6. We actually just moved to a much less crowded city (from the worst traffic city EVER), and its SO EASY to be a conscientious driver when you aren't stuck in traffic, or dealing with terrible inconsiderate drivers all the time. It is so easy to take it slow and enjoy the ride when there aren't cars all around you.

    Traffic really affects your life so much, which I realize now after moving. I would avoid driving at all costs, and now, its not so bad. Although, now since we live on the top of a hill with no stores in walking or riding distance, we have to drive. We do bike around our neighborhood though!

  7. I don't drive much but today I was doing quite a bit of driving and I remembered your wake up Wednesday goal and it made me feel better. Instead of speeding up to annoy someone tail-gaiting me I quickly pulled over to let them pass. It made me feel better, so thanks. Also, in regard to the new challenge: I live far from shopping places and need to drive in order to get most of anything so I wait until I have a big trip planned and do it all at once. Then I only have to drive to the city once. Another way I save gas is if I need to go to two or more stores in a plaza I park in the middle and walk between the places instead of driving from one store to the next even if they are in the same general area. Thanks for posting Cheri.

  8. I will be taking the park and ride to all the summer festivals here in Milwaukee this summer! We usually walk to the bakery to get bread every couple of days.....this it a toughy.

  9. haha what an easy challenge for me considering my car died on Monday! :) I've really been wishing I have a bike but have just been waiting for my husband to come home before doing anything...

    Brie @ breezypinkdaisies.blogspot.com

  10. My husband just bought a used bike to commute to work on. It's a hefty commute though, 16 miles one way! He has been riding it around in our neighborhood in the evenings when he gets home from work before he braves the big trek... I am proud of him though. I am not very coordinated, and afraid that I would topple over on a bike!

    Whitney @ grassrootelegance.com


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