August 01, 2011

Cassie's Home - boys shared bedroom

My little sister Cassie recently moved into her first home.  They completely renovated it and it's beautiful.  This is one of several posts, showing the makeovers.  Her commentary will be italicized and mine will be in normal print.  Welcome to Cassie's house.

Cassie's house is looking amazing.  We'll be looking at a room a day and the series will be scattered throughout the next couple of weeks.  I wanted to start off with her boys' bedroom.  She also has two little boys (3 and 5) and this is what the room looked like before they moved in.  The home was owned by a sweet little old lady.


The room got new carpet.  The molding was replaced with a thick MDF trim.

Here's the after.  It doesn't exactly look the same.  The previous owner probably wouldn't recognize it.


Okay let's break it down.  Here' the entrance from the hallway.

Now you're entering the room (don't mind Baden's head and cranky face) ....

My dad built this gorgeous bunk bed for her.  I think it's too pretty to even call it a bunk bed.  Let's call it something a craftsman double-decker bed.  Yeah, that sounds nice.

The small steps on the ladder make it easy for little ones to climb up.

It's made entirely out of MDF.  It makes a fun place to sleep or play.

I'm going to let Cassie explain the rest:

I am not the best seamstress so I bought curtains at Ikea in white with gromets in them and then added 2 panels of fabric that I bought to make the boys bedding with.

The blankets are super easy to make. You sew them onto the comforter like a pillow case - inside out on 3 sides and then invert them and sew the last side and ta-da you have cute blankets for cheap!

The airplanes I found at Hobby Lobby and Tai Pan.  I strung them up with fishing line.  I plan on adding a vinyl quote on the wall behind the planes.

The dresser I found on-line for sale in the classifieds for $30 so I painted it and then added stain over the paint to make it look older and added new hardware. The airplane picture is from Tai Pan as well.

Okay, back to my commentary.  She even found a cute light switch plate.

I love how she made the room clean and simple.  She picked things her boys love, but still kept it mature enough for them to grow into.  My favorite part is the bed.  (Before you can ask I'll tell you my dad doesn't have any plans to share for the bed.  He just knows how to whip up cool stuff on his own.  Sorry!) 

If you liked what you saw today, there's lots more to come.  I'm excited to show you the rest.  If you have questions about anything just leave a comment here and I'll try to get my sister to respond to you in the comment section. 

Thanks for dropping in.


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