August 08, 2011

Cassie's house - the boys' bathroom

My little sister Cassie recently moved into her first home.  They completely renovated it and it's beautiful.  This is one of several posts, showing the makeovers.  Her commentary will be italicized and mine will be in normal print.  Welcome to Cassie's house.

So I must admit that I'm teasing you all a bit.  I'm saving the best for last.  I'm going to show you her boys' bathroom today and then tomorrow I'll show the gallery wall.  Then on Thursday I'll show you the kitchen.  It's an awesome transformation, so hang in there.  (There might be more of her home in the future, since there are still projects going on, but that will be the end of the series for right now.)

Alright.  Let's take a peek at the bathroom before they moved in.


Here's what she did after painting the room a light beige:
I painted the cabinets with 2 sample cans of Behr brand paint so it cost only $6! I l kept the counters but changed out the light fixture, hardware on cabinets, and faucet.



Then added pictures from Jo Ann fabrics and got some fabric to make a shower curtain that pulled it all together.


The bathroom ties in the vintage transportation theme she has going on in the boys' bedroom.  Without any major costs (like countertops or tile) the bathroom has a totally new look.  Buying the sample paint cans is also a great tip if you have a smaller project like this one.

Tomorrow we'll look at the stairway gallery wall.  See you then.  Thanks for dropping in.


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