August 10, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

First of all, thank you SO much for all your washing machine advice.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do and your comments and experience have been incredibly helpful.  Thank you, thank you!

Last weeks challenge was to support someone in their interest or hobby.  The boys and I got to see my husband race.  Usually it's a hard thing to watch because you only see them at the finish line and you can't always make out which one he is.  However, this was a crit (meaning they went round and round a track) so we got to cheer over and over for him.  It was fun and I think he was excited to have us there.  (And yes, I just showed you a picture of my husband in spandex.  We're pretty tight now :)

This week's challenge is to do something truly selfless and don't tell anyone about it.  Yeah, it won't make for the best comment section next week, but I think it's important to do good without any thought of reward.  That reward might even be the praise of others.  So, let's keep our eyes open and look for some needs this week.  Then when we help someone out it'll be like having a fun little happy secret.

Did you get to support anyone last week?  Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.  Thanks for dropping in.


Unknown said...

Yep. I watched my friend's 3 kids (plus my 2) so she could get in a bike ride before her triathlon last weekend. I felt really good about doing a selfless favour and had fun with the kids. BONUS: I now know that 5 kids is too many so we'll stop at 4 (max). :)

Amy said...

My husband rides on the revolution/cafe rio team too! I supported my niece by going to her soccer game. She's only 4 so it was super cute!!

The Miller Five said...

I completed the challenge...sort of. My husband loves to teach and has a bunch of sports that he does well. I wanted to learn tennis and golf, but the weather was just too hot. So, I had him teach me how to play chess instead. He was so excited and I'm excited that now I know how to play!

I love this weeks challenge. Thanks for having this series Cheri, it is so much fun.

Alyssa said...

I did my Wake Up Wednesday duties without realizing until afterward & then got so anxious to share today! My best friend has a homemade headband business (no stay site yet...just on her college campus and in a local salon, but the things sure are cute AND she uses the business to support a little girl across the world with Compassion International) and other than buying one every few monhs to make sure she knows I'm supportive, yesterday I saw peacock feathers as the daily deal for 'Pick Your Plum' and just had to get them for her to add to her design possibilities. I did selfishly ask for the first headband made with the feather, but I enjoy buying her supplies for her business to help show her my support.

Alyssa said...

*no etsy site

cathgrace said...

I hung out in the heat of Alabama for hours while my Air Force husband played dodge ball and had field day for the Captain's school he is attending for 5 weeks. (it's pretty funny to watch a bunch of intense grownups play dodge ball!)


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