September 14, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

I'm still figuring out the internet stuff, but meanwhile I stopped by my sister's house to write today's post.  Thanks for your suggestions and help.

Last week's challenge was to pick up trash.  I was floored at how easy it was to teach my kids to do this.  We talked about what littering means and BAM - they got it.  We picked up all sorts of stuff and they were proud to do it.

This week's challenge is to find someone who is struggling or sad and do something small for them.  I know that seems very general, but sometimes you hear someone is having a hard time and then the phone rings or a child asks for your attention and you forget.  It doesn't even require a grand, massive gesture.  It can be easy to find a small way to let them know you're thinking about them.  You could make a phone call.  You could deliver a treat.  You could send a note.  Life can be pretty darn hard, so I don't think it'll be difficult to find someone who is down.

Now, how did the trash collecting go?  I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for being here.


The Miller Five said...

Home run! Slam dunk! Touchdown! I knocked this one out of the park. We walked the C&O canal twice and both times we walked out with a bag of trash! Not to mention every time we went anywhere, we were picking stuff up.

I'm looking forward to this weeks challenge. I don't know many people in my community, so I'll have to be super aware. Thanks for the challenge Cheri!

Katy said...

We were definitely more aware of the trash around us. We're also planning on spending some time this Saturday picking up trash in the alley behind our building. I'm always grossed out by it & after reading about this challenge I thought "why I don't I do something about it."

This week's challenge is so timely for me. A very dear friend/neighbor just lost her mom to a difficult battle with cancer. I want to do something purposeful for her, but I'm struggling with knowing what to do. I'll continue to pray about it & act on it this week.

katy @ redBuddy notes

Unknown said...

Well I did pick up some rubbish in our road and in the park. Agreed that it has made me more aware of the rubbish around. But another great pay-off from this challenge was that my little boy learnt two more new words: 'bin' and 'dirty'! He didn't pick any rubbish up but he was very keen to point the bins out for mama!

I've got my thinking cap on for this week.

Jeanette said...

I have always believed if you see trash you should pick it up. When I had my Girl Scout troop we always did trash pick up and I hope my girls are still doing it. Love you blog.

Remembrances said...

We constantly pick up trash that collects around our neighborhood and our church property. We have been having some pretty good wind storms around here, so there was no lack of trash to collect! This week's challenge is right in line with what we were discussing in our Ladies' Bible Study last night! There is always someone you can lift up - you just have to look, really look, at the people you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Alison K. said...

I walk my kids to school every day and was terribly uncomfortable with the quantity of trash between here and there. So I took on your challenge and did something about it. 4 grocery bags (!) of garbage later my kids are defiantly more aware of how important it is to keep our world nice by not throwing trash on the ground! Thanks for the challenge!

Mama Up! said...

My daughter is a whiz at trash collecting because she wants to pick up and throw out all the trash!

I just wanted to say that I love that graphic... makes me think of how we always tell the Babby when she asks if a baby is sad that, no, that's just how babies communicate!


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