October 17, 2011

A Few Things You May Not Know About Pinterest

I'm sure that by now almost all of you have heard about Pinterest.  If not, it's an online pin board for you to organize inspiration.  It's seriously cool and I think it will continue to grow exponentially.

I started creating a few boards a few months ago.  You can find me HERE.  (It might be time for me to update that picture.  Ha!)

It's easy to install a "pin this" button in your toolbar and then you can pin anything as you're surfing the net.

Okay, now that we're all on the same page let's talk a little more about it.  Did you know that you can see exactly what people are pinning from your blog?  Alexa sent me a link once so I could check it out.  All you do is paste this into your browser: 


Now of course you'll take out "iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com" and replace it with your blog name.  Leave out the http:// and just put in your address.  Then take a look.  It's really fun to see what people are pinning.  Here's a little peek at the front page of my search.  It usually has stuff I've posted that day, but as you scroll down there are other older posts that people find and pin.  It's fun to see what you guys enjoy.

Here's another thought on Pinterest.  I have recently started using Pinterest like a search engine.  When I look for inspiration online, in the past I might have goggled "creative Halloween costume" and I would have searched through a billion weird sites before I'd find something I was really looking for.

On Pinterest I type in "Halloween costumes" and this is my screen shot.  There's a lot of great ideas and much less weird stuff to sort from.  Why?  Because it's all stuff people have liked enough to pin.

Here are some hilarious ones I probably never would have found through google.


Okay, let's say I'm going to have a Halloween party and I want really fun treats.  Let's search for "Halloween treats."  Ah!  Tons of great ideas.

You don't even have to have an account to search.  Cool, huh?

You can even pin (or search for) videos.  Once again, if you're searching for something specific like how to make a beaded wrap bracelet it seems like there's a lot less to sort through to get you there.

Did you also know there's a tab labeled gifts where you can search by money amount?  Kind of fun.

Did you know you can create a collaborative board where you and other people can pin together.  For example, you and your fiancé could both pin things you want for your wedding.  Find out how HERE.

Now let's sum it up with a little Pinterest etiquette.  This comes directly from their blog.

FYI - I am not being paid by Pinterest.  I just think it's super duper cool.  Thanks for stopping by.


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