October 19, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do a little cleaning for someone else.  We didn't really end up doing it how I intended to, but we did clean up an outside area of a restaurant a bit after we ate there.  Rex is getting the hang of the cleaning up thing.  He's been spotting trash on the ground and asking me if he can pick it up.  I love it.

This week's challenge is to plan something fun for someone else.  I know how much I love having something to look forward to and I think everyone feels the same.  You could plan a fun date for your husband.  You could plan an afternoon out for your sister.  You could plan a adventure for your kids.  Just plan.  Think of what makes that person happy and go for it.  The options are endless.

Now it's your turn.  Did any of you get a chance to clean for someone?  How did it go?  I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for being here.


Laura said...

I actually planned cleaning for someone before seeing your post with the challenge.

My friend is about to have her 4th baby on Friday, so this past monday, I went and deep cleaned for her. Cleaning someone else's house is more fun than your own, and also more rewarding. I also think it was a good lesson for my kids -who came along to play with her kids, while I was cleaning. We had a great time!

Nana Jones said...

I did the dishes and straightened the house for my daughter and her husband, while they were at a birthing class. I was at their house watching their 2 year old.

The Miller Five said...

I wasn't able to actually clean for another person per se, but I did clean the condiment area at our local McDonald's. Every little bit helps.

I am so excited about this next challenge! I was thinking this morning about how much my daughters LOVE scavenger hunts. I kind of blew it off, but now you have given me the motivation that I needed! I am really looking forward to making a Halloween hunt for them!

Tari said...

Ok, so I did a lot of throw-up cleaning this week for my family. But that's not actually what I wanted to share, although it is closely related. On Sunday, my husband woke up with the stomach bug that has been going around here, and so I decided I would take my kiddos (21 mo. and 3 yrs.) to all 3 hours of church by myself as well as to choir practice that was immediately after the third hour. Both boys were really good and one even fell asleep. But the last 10 minutes, after I took my oldest to the potty, he decided he didn't feel well and wanted to lay down. Shortly after laying down, he puked everywhere- all over the floor. Instead of everyone freaking out, like I thought they would, they were all very kind and the "moms" got on their hands and knees, grabbed wipes and helped clean up the vomit with their bare hands. Even the brothers were really kind in making sure my son felt ok, getting him cleaned up and then helping me dispose of trash and getting me to my car. It was an experience that could have been mortifying, but instead drew me closer to the people in my ward family. On my way home, your challenge was the first thing I thought of. So thank you for your challenges from someone who benefited from the kindness of others!

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

That's a nice thought. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My 19 month old and I have been picking up litter whenever we go to the park. Most of the litter is stuff dropped by other kids, so it is relatively "safe" and Eli LOVES picking up stuff and throwing it in the bin! You can see he feel so proud of himself. I love that he is learning to feel good about doing things like this. Thanks for the challenges!


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