November 28, 2011

the fourth day of CHRISTmas

As I mentioned yesterday, I have two more things I wanted to show you for the CHRISTmas series.  That means tomorrow is the last day of the series.  

Today I'm showing you these blocks my parents and I made to help us remember the reason for the season.  They sit on my giant shelf.

My Dad cut some blocks out of some extra MDF he had. My mom painted them white.

Then she cut paper slightly smaller than the front of the block and attached it with spray adhesive.  We like using spray adhesive a lot more than Mod Podge because is doesn't wrinkle up the paper.  Plus, the paper she used had some glitter on it and I think that might have also become messy with Mod Podge.

After that the blocks were turned over to me.  (Thanks Mom and Dad.)  My mom made some that say "Merry Christmas" for her house.  Pretty, huh?  She has this cool giant piece of furniture in her kitchen to place them on.

For my blocks I cut vinyl letters with my Silhouette.  I measured the blocks to cut letters the right sizes and I varied the fonts I used along the way.  I used transfer tape to get them all in the right place.

I applied the vinyl.  I wanted to make sure the manger looked like a manger and not just house so I cut a silhouette of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to go along with the words.

And I'm kind of excited to have a little more Christmas decor.  Here's how it looks on the big shelf.

Thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.


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