November 11, 2011

Refashionista - I'm bringing muumuus back.

Alright.  Today's our last day of Refashoinista and it's my turn.  

Have you ever had a project that failed five hundred times over?  I've made a few different things for this post and only one turned out the way I wanted it to.  I wanted to "wow" you with an incredible transformation, but this one's kind of small.  However, it's bold, so that counts for something right?

I purchased this sweet muumuu a while back.  My husband didn't see the potential.  No worries.  Here's what it looked like at first.  I'm not sure why he didn't want to be seen with me in public like this.  (The nasty cell phone picture adds to the drama, you know.)

So here's my muumuu now.  Please sing along.

Or you can wear it like this in warmer months.

I didn't do a lot.  I cut off about 6 inches and hemmed it.  Then I ironed the pleats in the back and sewed them down flat about 5 inches of the way.  That way the whole thing was a lot less poofy.  I can do muumuu, but I can't handle poofy :)

Overall I was happy to be able to make use of all this pretty embroidery work.  I always see a lot of pretty embroidery like this at Anthro and I love it.

Plus, I love comfy clothes.  Who doesn't?  I could eat a seven course dinner in this baby :)  Maybe I'll bring it out for Thanksgiving.

And there you have it ladies.  Never pass up a good muumuu.  Thanks for reading.


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