How to Maintain a Remote Control Car

Remote controlled cars, like many goods, can last for years as long as they are well-taken care of. How you should maintain your car largely depends on what type of car it is. The main types of RC cars are electric, gas or nitro-powered. Below, you will find information detailing how best to look after each of the different types of car, so you can keep your car working well no matter what style it is.

Before considering how to maintain the car, think about how well-suited the car is to your needs. Make sure you choose a model which will work well on the types of terrain you plan to use it on. Also, consider the stats like the top speed and the range at which it will remain within reach of the controller. If you are a beginner, you don’t want to find your car is too fast for you to handle. My child, a 7 year old kid enjoys remote control vehicles which are both fast and easy to maneuver. And if the vehicle goes out of range, you’ll have to go and fetch it so try to keep this in mind when playing.

All RC’s should be inspected before each use to ensure the chance of anything going wrong during play is minimized. Check there are no loose parts or screws, and that everything is clean and free from debris.

Make sure to charge the battery of an electric car correctly. This is a common mistake with many battery-powered goods, not solely RC cars. You shouldn’t charge the battery more than recommended or you may shorten its life. Check how often you will need to replace the battery, too – a damaged battery can lead to other parts becoming broken too.

Ensure that all wires are properly connected. This is especially important if you have built the vehicle from scratch. Incorrectly connected wires can mean certain functions won’t be possible, or the power will be lower than expected.

cleaning a rc car

If you have a gas or nitro car, the engines will need more maintenance. In particular, nitro engines tend to need parts replaced more often, so it’s best to do a bit of research if you want to purchase this type of car.

Regularly check the tires of your vehicle. If you are going to be using it on different terrain, ensure the correct style of tires is fitted. This will make the car handle better, as well as avoiding any damage to the car or tires. It’s also important to check the shock absorbers if driving on different terrains. It’s especially a good idea to test this before doing any jumps, as incorrect adjustment can lead to huge damage to the car.

Like most things, radio-controlled cars benefit from a good clean from time to time. Ideally, it should have a quick wipe down after every use, especially in wet or muddy conditions. It’s a good idea to periodically give it a really thorough clean, taking it apart if possible and making sure all moving parts are correctly lubricated.