November 19, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Babiators

My boys love sunglasses.  They wear them in the car and to the park and pretty much anywhere else I'll let them.  The problem is they break pretty easily and unfortunately we've gone through quite a few pairs. Well, we got to try out some new sunglasses that are made just for kids.  They're called Babiators and they're pretty sweet.

Here's what we liked about them.
They are are really flexible unlike most sunglasses, so they can't just snap in half.  They are well made.  Babiators even replaces their sunglasses within a year if they break through normal wear and tear.  They also have awesome UV protection and they're BPA free (so no need to worry if little ones put them in their mouths).

Now beyond that, I've got to say I love that they are so stylin'.  Rex seemed to think they were pretty sweet.  (No, I didn't pose him.  This one was all him :)

When we got them in the mail the boys wore them all night, even though I'm pretty sure it was so dark that they couldn't even see.

So if you need a stylish stocking stuffer and you're tired of buying sunglasses again and again go check out Babiators.

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