November 12, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Random Things I Love

I love posts when people share their favorite things.  Why?  Because it's fun to get the scoop on things before buying or to get a good idea from a friend.  So, today I'm sharing a few random things I really like.

1) Olfa sent me a set of their Precision Applique Scissors.  I tried them out and they are great for cutting out little details.  They were small and super sharp.  Both loops on the handle are big, which means if you are left handed they would work for you, too.  Also, it means you can squeeze three fingers into one hole to have greater control as you cut.  I was thrilled to add these handy little guys to my collection.

2) Where's Mommy App.  My friend told me about this app the other day.  It's a simple game for your kids.  It asks, "Where's the dog?" and they click the right button, BUT they let you add your own pictures and voice to it so it can be a totally personalized game.  Both my boys are loving it.

3) Classified Ads.  I just picked up a desk for $20 today.  Seriously?  I have way better luck surfing the classifieds than I do hitting up DI.  Here in Utah I go to  And I just sold a bunch of stuff on there.  You can't beat listing stuff for free.  I like Craig's List as well, but I have better luck here with KSL.

4) A timer.  I purchased a timer the other day.  Why?  Let me tell you the honest truth.  When I tell my kids I will do something in 5 minutes I have to hear them ask me, "When are you going to.." the entire duration of that 5 minutes.  Now they don't.  I set a timer instead.  It also gives them a visual aid to understand timing better.  And I really like it.

5) The mall.  I've never been a big mall person.  I never even bought a double stroller so I could go there. However, during these cold months it's a great $2 outing.  We play in the play area there, through a few pennies in the fountain, buy a pretzel with cheese to share (which we get 50% because of a fundraiser card we got talked into), and ride the escalators/elevators.  The boys love it and I literally spend under two dollars (pennies for fountain included :)

Do you have a random tip or thing you love?  I would honestly LOVE to hear about it.  Let's swap.  Thanks for reading.


mama walker said...

I love random things i love..
I loove carmel bugles,heat transfer, walmart brand vanilla bean ice cream,fray check,OPI rapid dry top coat,and MAC makeup.

rilojane said...

I second the timer! It works great for "you can play 10 more minutes...", and when the bell goes off, so does the playing.

Other random stuff I love? Hot glue and I are getting along well these days. I've avoided it most of my life because I thought it was cheap. But MAN does that stuff give results!
My pinking blade for my rotary cutter. WAY better than my pinking shears.
Home hair cutting. My mom gave me a hair cutting set about 4 or 5 years ago, and that thing has saved us hundreds of dollars. (connected side note: I'm grateful for the fact that my family has easy-to-cut hair!)

jodie noted said...

A timer...of course! How have I not thought of that before?

I make a list every month on my blog of current faves. I call them my "loving lately" posts:

In fact, when I first started reading your blog you were listed as one of my loving latelies. :)

Carrie Garvin said...

You never can have enough scissors! All shapes, sizes, I love them tucked away in almost every room!

Unknown said...

The Land of Me. I was so excited when I found it. Totally original. It seemed kinda pricey, so I waited till they offered a 20% off last year. You've gotta check it out. It's educational, interactive and super fun for my son (and me!)

Taylor Swim said...

I love my new olay face scrubber. You gotta try it.

Mama Up! said...

Right now I'm loving not having to work five days a week and then both weekend days, too. Which I did for, oh, eight months or so? Working seven days a week is the pits and I never got to spend time with my family. Now I do, yay!

Little Ol' Liz said...

Just a thought --- if you're loving the Mall play area, get on good terms with a portable bottle of hand sanitizer and a pocket pack of tissues. You're kids look like healthy ones ----- let's just keep them that way!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said... rocks. Our family has bought/sold several vehicles through ksl, and found other fantastic things! Great resource. That's for sure. I will have to try those scissors! I am left handed, and that would totally help me out. Thanks for sharing! :) I love my sponge dish scrubber that holds the soap and target's cheap $5.00 tights! :)

Blanca said...

Great ideas. Thank you! I'm loving Birchbox and Julep. Two fun packages arrive each month and it's a great way for me to sample stuff without paying for a full size product that I might end up not liking.

Nicole said...

We love the mall too. My 4 year old thinks it is just as great as when we go to the Children Museum. Ours has a small indoor play area and he loves playing on the little rides (He's never actually had a ride on the because I won't pay $0.75 for 30 seconds of rocking back an forth on a car, but he still likes them.) Right now he just loves to walk and look at all the Christmas Decorations and then I give him a quarter to get a treat or small toy out of the candy dispensers. It is a great way to kill and afternoon and if I am lucky I get to window shop too. :)

Stephanie said...

It's been a while since I took any of the kids to the mall...should do it again soon!

Here are a couple of my random tips from the other day:

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Great minds think alike, I started a list yesterday and thought about doing a kinda linky party of your favorite things so people could get some holiday ideas! I'll let you know when I share mine! My newest favorite thing is what I made today, check it out on my blog.

Jill said...

Thank you so much for sharing these!!! I love "favorite things" posts too! I posted one on my blog recently

The Miller Five said...

I absolutely miss KSL. I found all kinds of treasure on that website. Not to mention got rid of a lot of treasure when we moved.

I am loving McDonald's peppermint hot chocolate. I despise McD's, but I am in love with the mint hot cocoa. Yum!

I am also loving facebook. It's been my lifeline to staying in touch with far off friends.

Also LOVE my favorite blogs...Momma, Delia and of course Oopsey Daisy!


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