November 26, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Snuggletime Accessories

About a year ago we got to review some Pillow Pets HERE and HERE.  Since then my boys have used them every single night and at nap time.  I never would have guessed how much my kids would love them.  So, when I was asked to check out a couple new Pillow Pet accessories this year, I had to say yes.

Baden's Pillow Pet is named Bo-bo-honkie.  He seriously loves it and calls it by name.  If Baden has to nap somewhere that's not home, Bo-bo-honkie must be present.

Bo-bo-honkie got to try out the new Petjamas.  It's almost like a slip cover or pillow case for the Pillow Pet.  It slips over him and gives you two small pockets on his back.

It also gives you a handle on his back, so it's easier for Baden to tote him around.  They have different colors to choose from so it can coordinate with your Pillow Pet.

 We also got to try out a Snugglebag for Rex's Pillow Pet (named Sidekick).  Rex thought it was pretty cool to give Sidekick a present.

And I think Sidekick liked it too :)

If you have a child who adores a Pillow Pet, you can find these cool accessories HERE.

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