November 30, 2011

Super Heroes of Service Report

Last month's challenge for the Super Heroes of Service was to give some toys away.  

Rex and I sorted through all his toys and loaded up a box.

We ended up taking the box to D.I.  I wanted to take it to a shelter or someplace similar, but every web site for shelters said they accept new toys.  I was a little bummed, but they will still do something good.  Anyhow, here are the boys, ready to load up their toys.

It was fun to work with Rex, explaining that we can share what we have with others who might not have what we have.  He was pretty willing to give up some toys when I explained it.  Plus, it was really nice to scale things down.  Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to live in pioneer times when kids didn't have boxes full of toys with light up buttons and music, but that's a whole different post :)

This month's Super Heroes of Service challenge is to do the "Good Deed Advent."  We are really excited to do this another year.  Some of the activities are really easy and don't take much time.  I am looking forward to having Baden participate more this year, since he's a little older this time around.  You can change the activities to suit your situation.  The idea is to just do something small everyday till Christmas.

Did any of you clear out some toys last month?  I'd love to hear about your experiences!  Thanks for reading.


The Miller Five said...

We did clear out a few toys last month, but the big purge is coming this month. We are moving! We bought a house and once and for all, the junk is out!

seven thirty three said...

We do this about once every two months. I go through each kids room with them and they pick a few toys they no longer use and we box it up and bring it to the Goodwill. They have so much and it doesn't get used, better to give it to someone who could put it to use!

Matt said...

Planning on doing this after Christmas..finally had enough of all the toys laying on the floor of the playroom so we cleared them all out except the books (just to clear my guilty concience..haha!) funny thing is the boys haven't asked for them or have said they miss any of them...will purge them after Christmas and bring them to the kids that need them..

Christie said...

I did this with my 3-year-old who was really into it at first until I told him the toys were going to DI. Then he insisted "I still like that one". So we sat down and talked about why we were doing it and he immediately got to work and went through all of his toys and put them in a bag. Thanks for such a great series! It's one thing to teach our children and a whole other thing to reap benefits ourselves. Keep it up!

Christine said...

Cheri - I love your blog and have been reading for awhile, but have never posted until now! We cleaned out some toys this past month and it was so much more of a smooth experience than I thought it would be! My three year old son got really into it and wanted to give away big things that I knew he'd miss later. He was so excited to give things to kids who don't have any toys. We sent them off to Hannah Home. Thanks for all your service ideas!

Ross and Lea said...

I know i already left this comment, but I just realized I don't have the email set up that your response would have gone to. So in case you already answered this. I am sorry, but could you please let me know again? I have a random question. I am finishing up my giant shelf. It is my Christmas gift to myself. I love the stain that Cassie's is done in. Do you know what color the stain is? Thanks!

Kristín Hrund said...

good luck with your challenge! Did you make the costume your son is wearing on the pic yourself? I´m asking because my little one is asking me to make him a Batman-costume and I´m not sure how to fulfill his wish! Greetings from Iceland :0)


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