November 02, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday - Super Heroes of Service

Last month I announced a change to our Wednesday format - making the first Wednesday of the month our "Super Heroes of Service" challenge.  It's a challenge you can involve your kids in.  The first challenge was to "visit someone who is lonely and bring something to share."

We had a great experience....eventually.  I called a few assisted living homes and none of them would let us visit.  Seriously? 

"The children need to be at least 12 to interact with the residents here."  Maybe they haven't seen the joy on the face of an elderly person when seeing children.

"That would be a volunteer visit, so you'd have to fill out a lot of paperwork and get TB testing done."

Then another place didn't return my call.

I wasn't going to let this one go.  I put Rex's cape on, picked up my nephew with his cape, and we headed to an assisted living place.  I figured they'd have a harder time turning us down in person when I had two cute little boys in capes standing next to me.

This time we were lucky.  We filled out a little paper work and got visiting.  We met two adorable women.  They asked the boys all sorts of questions.  They let the boys sing for them too.  They guessed the boys' ages and then let the boys guess theirs.

My nephew gave tons of hugs and was so sweet.  This kind lady kept asking him to promise he'd come back again.  I'm pretty sure he will.  He even memorized her room number.

In the car on the way home we talked about what they had done and how happy the ladies were.  I asked them how doing that made them feel.  They said, "Really, really good."  Young children pick up on things so quickly.  I just want to make sure I provide my kids with a lot of good things to pick up on.

On to next month's challenge!  This month's challenge is to give some toys away.  You could give them to DI, Goodwill, or a homeless shelter.  The point is to let your kids help you do this.  I plan on having Rex and Baden sort through the toys with me and explaining how we can share with those who don't have any.  I figure doing this right before Christmas is perfect timing, too.

If any of you participated in last month's challenge I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for reading.


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