November 09, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

I wanted to make sure we didn't skip Wake Up Wednesday even though we're in the middle of Refashionista.  The last challenge was to plan something fun for someone.  My younger sister Cassie had her appointment to find out the gender of her baby and we planned a fun day of shopping to follow it.  (The shopping was needed because she found out it's a girl!)  It was perfect because my other's sisters kids had school off so they could be our babysitters.  I planned a day of fun for the ladies and it was exactly that.

This week's challenge is super easy.  Share this link on Facebook.  Let me explain.  In many countries girls don't have sanitary protection items.  Let me spell it out.  No tampons or pads.  Not cool.  Huru International is a non-profit organization trying to help this cause.  For every individual who shares the message about Huru International’s cause via the o.b. Outreach tab on, the o.b. Brand will donate one dollar to Huru International, with a minimum donation of $10,000 and a maximum donation of $25,000.  All you have to do is share it.  It'll take a few seconds.  Ready, set, go.

Thanks for reading.  If you had an experience with planning something fun for someone from the last challenge, feel free to share it with us.  I love hearing about it.


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