November 23, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday


I have started to truncate my posts (not in the reader though - just on my blog).  That means there's a teaser and then you have to click "read more" to read the whole thing.  Why?  It's not to tick you off.  I promise.  In fact, there are a few advantages.  I've had people find something from my blog on Pinterest, but when they try the link it only links to my blog rather than the actual tutorial.  People are pinning the blog and not the tutorials.....a lot.  (And, frankly Pinterest is what currently brings me the most new traffic.) 

I had someone tell me she spent an hour trying to find the right tutorial and she couldn't.  That's frustrating.  So, by truncating I can make sure you're pinning the right spot.  It also makes it easier to go back through older posts because you don't have to scroll through all the full posts to find what you need. I'm really sorry if any of you don't like the change, but it's just one more click and it equals a lot more organization for me.  I'm also working on organizing the tutorial page.  That one's going to be a beast.

The CHRISTmas series isn't over, but I didn't want to skip Wake Up Wednesday today.  Last week's challenge was to make a list of 50 things you are thankful for.  I made my list early one morning.  It was a really nice way to start the day.  While the list might not be super exciting to read (and some of it feels kind of personal), I thought I'd post it here for record-keeping sake (and because one of you asked).  So here are 50 things I'm thankful for - in no particular order.

1.  A supportive husband
2. My boys and their different personalities
3. Getting to serve a mission
4.   This gorgeous home
5.   A blog with kind, thoughtful readers
6.   My testimony of Christ
7.  Second chances
8.  Paper and pencils
9.  Dessert
10.  Seasons
11.  Books and the ability to read
12.  My sisters
13. Having my parents live close
14. My  Sleeper Pajamas
15.  Living near the mountains
16.  My camera
17.  My computer
18.  My calling at church
19.  The spirit and feeling guided
20.  Heat and AC
21.  Hot showers
22.  Health
23. The piano
24.  Music and dancing
25.  Dates with my husband
26.  Awesome in-laws
27.  Freedom
28.  The chance to learn new things
29.  The ability to teach
30.  Teeth
31.  Laughing
32.  Rex’s drawings
33.  My sewing machine
34.  A room to create
35.  Sunshine
36.  Christ’s Atonement and trying to understand it
37.  A car
38.  Phones and modern communication
39.  Fabric
40.  Eating out
41.  Family photos
42.  Light and electricity
43.  Time to myself
44.  Washer and dryer
45.  Dishwasher
46.  Saturdays
47.  Snuggles
48.  Conversation
49.  Ability to sing
50.  Trust from my children

   Next week's challenge is to write a goal for the New Year.  It's coming quickly!  I can't believe how fast this year has passed!  It almost scares me.  I love evaluating the past year and seeing what I'd like to conquer the next year.  Next week will be the Super Heroes of Service report, so you have two weeks for this challenge.

Thanks for being here.  If you made a thankful list I'd love to hear about it.  See you tomorrow!


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