December 14, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to give a gift to someone who you wouldn't normally give one to.  We have this sweet eldery couple who lives across the street.  I mentioned them once a while back.  They are in their nineties and they have a basket full of paper airplanes that they fly off their upstairs balcony inside.  
The husband also gets out his remote control car when the boys and I stop over.  So, I planned on giving them an AirHog remote control car - the kind that drives up the walls.  

I think they will have a blast with it.  I went to two different stores to find it, but it wasn't there.  I had to order it online and it still hasn't arrived yet, so I can't tell you how it went.  This is the same couple that lets Rex ride up their stair chair for fun.  They are amazing people.

This week's challenge is to go caroling.  I know this might be a challenge for some.  If you don't like to sing then you can find a different variation.  Maybe you could burn a Christmas mix CD for a friend?  That'll work too :)  I plan on visiting a nursing home with my sister and singing.  Maybe I'll even post a little Christmas song for you guys on here next week.  We'll see.

So, did you give a gift to someone who wasn't on your Christmas list?  I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for stopping by.


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