December 01, 2011

What is a Favicon and How to Make One

Back when Erika (my Fairy Blogmother) made over my blog in January (which she's helping me do again currently) she asked if I wanted a "Favicon."  At the time I was thinking, "Hmmmm.....I don't think I need an enchanted bird."  I didn't know what a Favicon was so I googled it.  Now I'll show you what it is and how to get one.

Behold!  The favicon!

Yeah, it's that cute little square next to your URL and Blogger has made it super easy to have one now.

If you use Blogger and you don't have one, your square looks like everyone else's.  (See the orange blogger logo on most of the blogs listed or the blue one for Wordpress blogs?)  As I looked through my reader, I noticed that a lot of people haven't added their own favicon, so I thought I'd show you all since it's super simple.

First of all you need to design a square.  (You can use my how-to-create-printables tutorial if you're not familiar with picnic.)  You want to keep the square super simple, since it'll only be seen as a tiny square.  Mine is just an "R" for Roar.  You don't have to resize it.

You just head into your blogger dashboard and click on "Layout."  See the favicon spot?  Click "Edit" there.

Then click "Choose File" and upload your file just like you do for photos in a post.  It will make it the right size and do the rest for you.  Don't worry if it doesn't show up right away.  Sometimes it takes a little while.

There you have it.  It's a simple step to make your blog look a little more professional.

Thanks for stopping by.


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