January 12, 2012

Valentine's Round Up

Now that Christmas is over, I've seen all the Valentine decorations creeping in.  It's still a little over a month away, but I started browsing some ideas on Pinterest and I thought they'd be fun to share.  Here are 5 fun and do-able Valentines.  (I'm not posting any here that would take hours and hours to make.  No thank you :)

1) Here's what we did last year for Rex's Valentines.  They were really fun to make.  I have a new idea for this year I'll share later.  You can find all the instructions for this one HERE.

2) Okay, I know many of you share the Super Hero obsession with us.  Check these out.  Awesome, huh?  I think they are so cute.  You'll find the info HERE at Zakka Life.

3) If you want to cut down on the candy overload, this bouncy ball Valentine is pretty cute.  It's found HERE at Supermom.

4) These little Valentines are easy and inexpensive.  You can find them HERE at Made.

5) Okay, I lied.  This next one would probably take a lot of time to make, but isn't it the cutest little thing?  I had to post it.  You could just make one for your main squeeze and not 30 for your kid's classmates.  You can find the details HERE at Paper Source.

If you've seen any other adorable Valentines, feel free to share a link in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by.


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