January 18, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

So, Cheri is out of town still so she had me of all people (her non-crafty husband) write this post for her.  So last weeks challenge was to give compliments.  I went out of my way this week to make sure Cheri knew how proud I was of her for going on Martha Stewart.  She is soooo dedicated to this blog, spends a lot of time and effort to make it something all of you will come back to see, day after day.  I'm happy to see her have an opportunity to reap the rewards of her efforts this last week by spending some time with her sisters and be on a TV show (note: its not the first time she's been on TV before, ask her about it sometime).  I'm one lucky guy for having such a wonderfully talented and hot Momma!  BTW Cheri says she gave lots of compliments this week, too.  I'll vouch for her since she is usually pretty good about this.

This weeks challenge is do something especially nice for your significant other.  While Cheri made me promise to "keep it clean" I'll let each of you decide what your spouse, boyfriend, whatever, would enjoy the most.  It could be something as simple as a well thought out letter, a special date to their favorite restaurant, a delicious baked good.  Use your imagination and try something new!  If you don't have a significant other right now pick a close friend of the opposite sex and do something nice for them.  Who knows, maybe it will help you gain a significant other.



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