January 04, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Today is the Super Heroes of Service report and challenge (since it's the first Wednesday of the month).  Last month the challenge was to do the Good Deed Advent.  The boys and I had a good time trying to do all the little challenges.  We got to make gifts for our garbage men.  Rex was really excited to deliver them to the truck.  Our garbage men know him by name.  We got to deliver Christmas to a couple little families.  The boys loved putting change in the Salvation Army cup.  We had a lot of fun.

This month's Super Heroes of Service Challenge is write thank you notes.  I'm sure there are several people we could all thank for Christmas gifts.  I'm sure we can think of people we could thank for all sorts of things.  I'm going to have the boys color some thank you notes and send them off.  I want them to learn that saying thank you is important.  I like to let them say what they want, while I write it down.  It makes for some funny cards :)

Did anyone else get to do some good deed advent fun?  I'd love to hear about it.


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