January 25, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something for your spouse or significant other.  I got off rather easy because this past week my husband had his birthday.  However, I did do something sentimental in addition to the presents.  We got engaged in Central Park 7 years ago, so while I was there last week I had my sister take this picture for me.

If it's too small to read here, the note says, "I would say yes again."  (Don't worry.  I printed it big enough for him to be able to read it.)

This week's challenge is to write a note to someone who impresses you.  It could be a friendly co-worker.  It might be a family member.  This challenge is pretty loose, but I have someone in mind that I've been meaning to write to for a while.  Maybe you do too.  Let them know how you feel.  It's fun to see how much people shine when you recognize their goodness.  Even children light up when you point out the good.

So, did any of you do something for your spouse or friend this week?  Let's hear how it went.  Thanks for joining in.  Tomorrow I'll show you the fun Valentines we made for Rex to hand out this year.  See you then.


  1. What a cute idea! I'll bet your husband loved it. I'm planning a super surprise for my husband's 40th. I need to start working on it, because I imagine it is going to take me a lot of hours to complete!

    Wow. A lot of people impress me. My writing hand is going to be sore!

  2. What a good reminder! Thanks for posting it here as a nudge. :-)

  3. Last week was a great challenge. I was feeling super frumpy and kinda sad all week, so doing something nice for my husband started to turn things around for me. I try to make bread every week at my house, because it's cheap and my husband appreciates it. But what he really LOVES is when I make cinnamon rolls with some of the dough along with the bread. So last week, he got cinnamon rolls. I got to enjoy them too, and it brightened both of our weeks! :)

  4. Last week I had an appointment near Jordan's school. So, I stopped and picked him up something he had been needing, put in a cute bag with a love note and dropped it off in his car for him to find after class. He was pretty excited.

  5. That is SUCH a cute idea!!!

  6. that is so sweet. i would marry you if our dang husbands weren't in the way! don't know if i told you but CONGRATS on martha! i think that it the coolest thing ever.

  7. That is soooo romantic Cheri!

  8. Aww, that's so sweet!

  9. This is a very good idea! I love it. RAWR!


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