February 04, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Super Undies

A couple of months ago I was asked to review some Super Undies.   I knew that Baden's potty training days weren't far away, so I said yes.  They are cool, well-made potty training pants and today I'll give you the low down on them.

Super Undies are versatile, potty training pants.  They are washable and you can pick how much padding/absorption you want in them.  There are two basic kinds to choose from - the Pocket and the Pull-up.  The pocket has more of a normal diaper closure while the pull-up ones obviously pull up.  Both have nice lining and absorption and both can be stuffed with more layers.

We chose the pull-up ones.  Here's what I loved about them.

- They are REALLY high quality.  The construction, the fabrics, and the comfort are all stellar and well-thought out.  I have never seen such nice training pants.  

- Your child can feel that he's wet.  As opposed to diapers, they can feel the wetness more easily, which is great for training.

- They don't leak.  They can absorb a lot without having to worry that your child will be drenching his clothing.  You can even add (and purchase) more layers that fit into the pocket.

- They wash up really well.  I think you could get a LOT of use out of these babies.  They're also very eco-friendly, rather than using disposable pull-ups (which I never really liked anyhow).

- Even once your child is potty trained during the day, you could use these at night without your child feeling frustrated that he's back in a diaper.

- You could use them the same way when leaving the house, if you're not ready to brave all the errands in undies just yet.

Okay, there was really only one thing we didn't like.  Because they are made for absorption they are a bit bulkier.  (There's really no way around that.)  Baden enjoys wearing undies because he feels like a big boy, but he wasn't as into these because they felt more like a diaper.  It took more convincing, but he's also pretty darn stubborn, so this might not be an issue for everyone.

Overall, I give the Super Undies two thumbs up.  If you're approaching potty training I recommend checking them out.  There are great videos on the site to help you understand the difference between the different types of undies and what might be the best fit for your child.

Thanks for reading.


Chase and Sadie said...

I will most def be giving these a try when it's time for my little man!! Thank for the info! :))

Heather @ It's A Long Story said...
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Heather @ It's A Long Story said...

I made my own pairs just recently! They aren't as absorbent as these, but they are a fraction of the cost. I would love it if you took a look!

cbryan said...

I hate disposable pull-ups, they are so hard to pull up! These are cute. :)


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