25 Best Unique Gifts for Sister 2024

A bond between siblings is special, so it makes sense that you’ll want to choose thoughtful and unique gifts for sisters on her birthday or other special occasion. Little sisters, big sisters or even sister in laws deserve something special. But what should you choose and what are ideal gifts for older sisters? We are here to help with a selection of great gift ideas which are sure to surprise and delight your sister on the big day. No matter what your sister is interested in, you can find good bday gifts, both personalized, practical and fun gifts for your sister here in our comprehensive reviews.


this is an image of two women outside wearing blankets and wooly hats


Considerations When Choosing Sister Gifts

With so many big sister gifts possibilities, how do you choose between them all? There are a few things to keep in mind which will help narrow your search to something suitable she is sure to love.

Occasion: Are you buying for Christmas, her birthday, or do you just want to let her know you are thinking about her? The occasion you’re buying for might influence what you choose to buy. If you’re buying for your sister who lives far from you, you might need to choose something small which can easily be shipped. If it’s a really special occasion, you might wish to spoil her with a big surprise! Sometimes picking gifts for pregnant sisters can be a challenge, but here we have some fantastic ideas to consider.

Interests: You probably know your sister better than anyone, so knowing her hobbies, interests and personality should be easy. Thinking about what she is into can really help you find something she will appreciate.

Budget: Set a budget before buying gifts, as it’s easy to go over budget when spoiling a loved one! We have included lower-cost cheap gift items too for those on a tight budget as well as more pricey items if you’re looking to splash out.


25 Best Gifts for Sister Reviewed

Now we know how to pick the best, most-appropriate gifts, let’s review some of the possibilities. There are loads of great items here to choose from!

1. My Sister, My Friend Figurine 

When it comes to special birthday gifts for a sister, this hand-painted figure ticks all the boxes. It comes with a card containing a special message for your sister, and is packaged in a box for easy gifting. This piece will look great on display in any home – perfect for placing on the mantel. The Willow Tree figures are cast from the original hand-carved model, and each is hand-painted. The figure stands at 8.5 inches high and can easily be dusted with a soft cloth to keep it looking good as new.

This is an image of a My sister, my friend figurine by Willow Tree.


2. Jumway Sister Marble Ceramic Mug

Here we have another nice mug, this time it’s personalized for your sister. It comes in a gift box with a lid and a long spoon for stirring the drink, so it’s easy to give this set as a gift. The mug reads ‘A sister is God’s way of making sure we never walk alone’, so it’s sure to remind her of you every time she uses it. The mug holds 14 oz so it’s perfect for her morning coffee, and the included lid helps ensure the drink stays warm for longer. The marbled design and gold text make this mug stylish and sure to appeal to any young woman.

This is an image of a pink sister ceramic cup.


3. Ultra LED AeroGarden

Does your sister love growing houseplants? This unique set allows up to seven plants to be grown at the same time using only water, not soil. It is equipped with a full spectrum LED light which helps plants grow and thrive even when natural light is not available. The front of the planter features an interactive LCD which tells you when the plants need more water or feed and automatically controls the lights to help with optimal growth. It’s adjustable in height to fit plants as the grow, up to a maximum of 24 inches growing space. This is a really unique gift for green-fingered ladies!

This is an image of a black AeroGarden kit.


4.  Handmade Fizzers Kit 

Treat your sister to these vegan bath bombs which will help her relax and unwind when she is feeling stressed. Coming as a set of 6, the bath bombs contain essential oils to help with dry skin too. They are organic and contain Shea and cocoa butters to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. The set is great for giving as a gift as it comes nicely packaged in a gift box with a bow. Each bomb is a different scent; lavender, vanilla, grapefruit, peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus. Each offers a different purpose such as relaxation or helping relieve congestion, so they can be used for any event.

This is an image of a 6 bath bomb kit.


5.  Motion Activated Toilet Night Light 

If you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted gift, this motion sensor toilet nightlight is a great pick! It’s practical as well as fun and is sure to put a smile on her face every time she uses it. It can help avoid bumping into things when using the bathroom at night, and there are eight cool colors to cycle through. The light saves energy as it only activates at night and will auto shut-down after two minutes of inactivity. It comes in a colorful and stylish box so it’s easy to gift. The light fits any toilet, and makes a fun and unique gift which is sure to be useful for many years to come.

This is an image of a toilet night light by RainBowl.


6. Aromatherapy Bracelet by Romanda

This bracelet not only looks beautiful, it also diffuses essential oils to help relieve tension and provide a sense of calm. So, it’s perfect if your sister has been having a tough time recently and you want to help her take care of herself. There are two designs to choose from – the Tree of Life pictured here or a sunflower shaped design. Each comes with eight different colored pads to apply the oil too, so you can ensure the bracelet matches any outfit choice. Simply unscrew the cover and apply a few drops of your favorite oil to the colored pad. It will then diffuse the aromas all day long. The size of the bracelet is adjustable to fit the majority of wrists comfortably.

This is an image of a stainless steel aromatherapy bracelet.


7. Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid gifts are very ‘in’ right now, which is why this mermaid tail blanket is such a popular gift idea. This stunning blue color is sure to appeal to your sister, although other options such as pink, purple and white are also available. The ends and back of the blanket are open so it’s easy to wear, and it measures around 70 x 35 inches. The blanket can be worn anywhere and it’s ideal for any season too. It can be used in bed or when relaxing on the sofa, or even for travel. The soft material means the blanket is very comfortable to use and it should fit most women easily.

This is an image of a mint green mermaid tail blanket.


8. Flower Glass Mug

This elegant mug comes in three stunning designs, each of which are excellent small gifts for sister in law. They hold around 11 ounces, and are ideal for hot as well as cold drinks. The glass mug doesn’t retain smells or colors, making it a preferable choice of material. It’s also safe to use as it doesn’t contain lead or any other chemicals. The enamel elements are hand-drawn and the designs and colors won’t fade over time. This is a great piece for those who collect tea sets or simply to use for their daily coffee. The only downside is this mug isn’t dishwasher safe, so it should be hand washed only.

This is an image of a pink flower tea mug.



9.  EFYTAL Sterling Silver Sister Necklace

This interlocking rings necklace is designed to show the unbreakable bond between two sisters. It is made from 925 sterling silver and comes presented in a nice gift box. Inside the box is a special message for your sister, to show her what she means to you. So, it’s a very special gift she is sure to treasure. The chain is fine and delicate yet also strong, and the quality of the silver means it won’t irritate the skin or cause it to change color. The necklace is handcrafted and makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

This is an image of a sterling silver necklace for sisters.


10. Personalized Coordinates Necklace 

This necklace can be fully customized by choosing between three available colors and engraving the coordinates of your choosing. This makes it a great gift idea for your sister who lives far from you, you can choose coordinates of home or any other place which is special to you both. Or, you can choose a location which is special to her. You can easily check the latitude and longitude of a particular location online to ensure the necklace is made accurately.

This is an image of a 3 sample of hand stamped necklace jewelry.


11. Joycuff Inspirational Cuff Bangle

If you’re looking for college grad gifts for sister from brother, this engraved bracelet is a great choice. It has excellent reviews yet comes at a very reasonable budget price. There are loads of messages to choose from, but this one is excellent for showing the bond between siblings. It comes in a gift box making it easy for giving on a special occasion. The bracelet is adjustable to fit most sizes of wrists, and it’s highly polished and smooth. It’s made from surgical grade stainless steel which is resistant to rust and tarnishing, so it will always look as good as new.

This is an image of a customized Joycuff bracelet.


12. Corkcicle Insulated Champagne Flute

If your sister loves celebrating a special occasion with a bottle of champagne, this stylish flute is just what she needs. It is insulated and has a vacuum seal so the drink stays at the perfect temperature. There are different colors and designs to choose from, so you can find something to suit her tastes. The flask is made from shatterproof stainless steel so it can be used wherever without worrying about it getting damaged. Young women will love the trendy metallic colors the flask is available in.

This is an image of a 7 ounce gold stemless flute.


13. 52 Lists for Happiness Book

If your sister loves keeping lists, this journal is the perfect gift. It contains 52 titles for lists to write, one for every week of the year. Writing and reading these lists is intended to bring joy and fulfillment. Titles include movies and books which make you happy or ways in which someone you love would describe you. The book is beautiful inside and outside with floral designs and landscape photography. At the start of the journal is a list of contents showing the titles of all the lists, and there are four sections in total. These are: Invest, Transform, Acknowledge and Reflect.

This is an image of a 52 Lists for Happiness inspirational book.


14. Long Sleeve Knit Sweater

If you’re looking for great Christmas gifts for sister, this chunky knit sweater is perfect. It is soft and warm, perfect for fall or spring weather on its own, or for layering up with in the winter. It’s suitable for various occasions whether its the school drop off or a shopping trip with the girls. There are loads of colors to choose from and it comes in sizes S-XXL. The cardigan is loose fitting and hits below the hips. The sleeves are long and there are two large pockets

This is an image of a taro long sleeves with pockets.


15.  Mydethun 3D Printed Moon Night Light

This unique lamp is stunning and stylish, and makes an excellent gift for a special sister. It comes in a choice of four different sizes and each lights in two colors – yellow or white. The lamp is fitted with a rechargeable battery – it takes around two hours to charge which them gives between 8 – 10 hours to charge. This nightlight is unique, as it is made by 3D printing. There is a spot on the bottom of the lamp which is touched for changing the color, or give a long touch to adjust the brightness level.

This is an image of a 3.5 inch moon lamp by Mydethun .


16. Color Changing Hummingbird Chime

This cute decoration can be used outdoors, as it is solar powered so it can charge all day then light up at night. On a full charge, the wind chime can illuminate for up to eight hours and it randomly changes color between six different options. The wind chime is easy to hang anywhere and is made from durable plastic to withstand the outdoor elements. There are two designs to choose from – the hummingbirds pictured here or a stars and moon variation.

This is an image of a multi color changing hummingbird chime lights.


17. Hey Girl Tea Metabolism Booster Drink

If your sister is lacking in energy a bit lately, how about this energy-boosting drink? It helps burn fat and speeds up the metabolism, so it can help users burn more calories throughout the day. It contains caffeine from natural sources such as green tea and guarana extract. Each portion has a similar amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, around 80mg. They come in the form of tea bags, so they are easy to use.


This is an image of a Hey Girl energy booster tea.


18. Sister Engraved Gift

This portable mirror is a practical and thoughtful gift which is sure to be treasured by your sister. It is engraved with a beautiful message about how special she is to you. Inside, there is a mirror with regular magnification and one which offers 2x magnification. The mirror is around 2.5 inches in diameter, so it can easily be taken in a purse or when going out to a party for example. She’s sure to use it all the time – it’s a useful and customized gift which she is sure to love.

This is an image of a To My Sister travel mirror.


19. Unique Gift Box for Sister

This gift box contains everything you need to treat your sister on her special day! It contains moisturizing body butter which contains ingredients such as Shea butter and essential oils. There’s also some bath bombs which are ideal for relieving stress and helping your sister relax. You can also find socks inside the gift box, as well as a notebook and a nice cotton makeup bag. The gift set comes nicely presented so it can be given straight away.

This is an image of a premium gift basket for sisters.


20. Inspirational Wood Plaque

This decoration is a sweet and thoughtful gift which is sure to bring happiness to your sister every time she sees it. It stands at around 6 x 9 inches and is perfect for sitting on a desk or mantle. There’s also a hook on the back for hanging on the wall if preferred. It’s made from reclaimed wood and also has vinyl edges for durability. The text reads ‘Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by their heart’. So, it’s a great gift for reminding your sister you are always thinking about her, even when you are separated.

This is an image of a wooden frame with inspirational quotes for sisters.


21. “To My Sister” Book

Here we have a sweet and fun gift which is sure to be treasured by your sister for years to come. It’s a paperback book which shows your sister how much she means to you – she will love to look over it time and time again to be reminded of your special bond. The sweet drawings of the Children of the Inner Light characters and the accompanying text are sure to bring tears of joy to your sister.

This is an image of a To My Sister inspirational book.


22. Zuo Bao Hair Tie Bangle

If your sister enjoys wearing jewelry, how about this set of matching bracelets for you both to wear? They come in a choice of different styles, and there’s also the option to add a ‘middle sister’ if there are three of you. The bracelet is held in place by wrapping a designed to hold a hair tie around the outside of it. This means she’ll always have one ready to wear in her hair, and the hair band won’t cut into her wrist! The bracelets come in a velvet pouch ready for gifting. They’re designed to fit most sizes, and if you have smaller wrists the hair tie helps keep them in place better.

This is an image of a rose gold hair tie and bangle bracelet for sisters.


23. Brew City Engraving Personalize Cutting Board

Looking for unique gifts for sister birthday? This customized wooden cutting board is a great idea! It comes in a choice of sizes, two different woods and five different designs. You can choose any name you wish – her first or last name, or perhaps the word ‘sister’ – it’s up to you! This is a great gift idea for any occasion, and is sure to be well-received any time. The board is sure to receive many compliments when used as a display piece or for serving food. It can also be used for cutting, however it’s best to use the reverse side to prevent the design from becoming scratched.

This is an image of a large brown bamboo cutting board.


24. Cottage Garden Jewelry Music Box

This beautiful jewelry box has a lovely message on top, making it one of the nicest gifts for a sister who loves wearing jewelry. It has a wind up music box which plays ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’. Inside the box is lined with black velvet, and there is just one compartment for storage inside. The front of the box can be replaced with a personal photograph if preferred. The bottom of the box has padded feet so they won’t scratch the table top it is placed on.

This is an image of a woodgrain finish music or jewelry box for sisters.


25. Sterling Silver Sister Necklace

Our final idea on unique birthday gifts for sister is this stunning 925 Sterling Silver necklace. It has a strong 18 inch chain and two heart shaped gems inside. The message on the necklace reads ‘Always my sister, forever my friend’, so she can always be reminded how much she means to you. It’s hypoallergenic and nickel-free, so it won’t cause irritation or leave green marks on the skin. The necklace comes with a polishing cloth and a gift box, so it’s ready to give to your special sister.

This is an image of an 18 inch sterling silver double heart necklace.


Best Overall Gift

If you want to give your sister something really meaningful she is sure to love, we recommend the Willow Tree figure, #3 on our list above. She will love the special meaning of the figure, and it will look great on display in her home. Gifts ideas for a sisters birthday made to last a lifetime!

This is an image of a My sister, my friend figurine by Willow Tree.



Best Budget Gift

If you’re looking for a great gift on a budget, the mermaid tail blanket, found at #6 on our list, is the perfect idea. It is practical as well as stylish – she’s sure to use it all the time! We love the range of colors it is available in, and the size should fit most women perfectly.


This is an image of a mint green mermaid tail blanket.


What are Good Gifts for the Sister Who Has Everything

Buying gifts for people who have everything they could ever want or need is sure to be a challenge. In this case, something personalized can go down a treat. For example, a bracelet with her name on it or coordinates of a place which is special to you both. Alternatively, why not treat her to an experience day? You can both go to the spa, to see a show on the stage or anything else she might enjoy. This is a great way to make lasting memories rather than giving her an unnecessary gift which will clutter up her apartment without being used.


Best Christmas Gifts for Sister Who is Crafty?

Finding gifts and toys for sister at Christmas can be tricky. Crafty people can be easier to buy gifts for because there is so much to choose from! How about a kit to help her learn a new skill such as cross-stitching? Or, get her an adult coloring book with a nice set of fine markers or watercolor pencils to go with it. If you know which crafts she’s into, choose some supplies to help build her stash – she’s sure to thank you for these! You could also get her a mug or piece of clothing which she can use to show her love of crafts to the world. This one is perfect for ladies who love to knit or crochet!this is an image of a mug for yarn lovers



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