February 01, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday - Super Heroes of Service

Last month's Super Heroes of Service challenge was to write thank you notes.  I took a quick picture of the boys holding up a blank sheet of cardstock and then later added "Thank you" to it on Picnik.  Then I printed them out and let the boys color on the back of them.

In the past few months I've given you a whole month to do the Super Heroes of Service challenge, but I think I'm going to make it weekly, so it fits better into the Wake Up Wednesday schedule.  That means you can also report on last week's Wake Up Wednesday challenge today and then everything will be normal.  One challenge per week and one report per week.

Last week's Wake Up Wednesday challenge was to write a letter to someone you admire.  I have been meaning to send Ashley from Lil Blue Boo a note, so I finally did.  If you don't know her or haven't been to her blog I highly recommend it.  She is amazingly talented and that's enough reason to follow her.  Then on top of that, she was recently diagnosed with cancer and I have been floored to watch her deal with this challenge so courageously.  Her positive outlook, stamina, and sense of humor will pull you in.  You can start by watching her "Rite of Passage" video.

This week's challenge is a Super Heroes of Service challenge.  If you are new here, it's a challenge you can do with children, involving them in the opportunity to do good.

The challenge is to thank a public service worker.  We dropped off treats once for the firefighters and they were so kind.  They let us in to see the firetrucks and take pictures.  We might try the police this time.  I think the boys will really have fun with this challenge.

Did you write some thank you notes or a letter to someone you admire?  I'd love to hear about how it went.  Thanks for reading.


Rasonda @ East Conolly Cottage said...

This is so awesome!

Pearl Girl said...

I love Ashley's blog too, I am amazed by her in every way. Her sense of humor and her openness, (is that a word?) anyway, I also love your blog and the wake up wed. I feel like I need to confess that I have fallen off the wagon the last couple of weeks, but I think I will make up for it this week. Thanks for the challenges to WAKE US UP!

adigallegos said...

I was telling my husband that i love t kind of mom you are, makes me want a be a better mom and try to make all the fun things you do with your kids! Thanks for your amazing g blog i don't know if you read every single post but Im sure that if you do is good to know that you are doing Something really good for people you don't even know.. Thanks!!

adigallegos said...

I meant every single comment (not post) :)

Chase and Sadie said...

This is a GREAT challenge!! I think we'll take some treats to the police station as well!! My 4 yr old thinks "officers" are about the COOLEST thing ever!!! THANK YOU for your ideas! You truly are an inspiration!! :)))

Paula Decco Frederico Franco said...

I send a note to my husband, because I admire him so much!!


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