February 29, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to start a conversation with a stranger....
I started up a conversation with the check-out person because a lot of times I get in a rush and barely say a word to them! I am so busy trying to keep the kids busy or make sure I have everything on my list that I neglect them.  So I asked them about their day and chatted with them for a while and it was a lot of fun!  Let's hear how it went for you!

This week's challenge is to....
Do something out of the ordinary for your neighbors. The Holidays are long over and in the winter I hardly ever see my neighbors so this week try to take them a treat or a note or even take in their garbage cans for them! Just let them know you are still there and thinking about them!


  1. Your boys are so stinkin cute! http://dearlittleorris.blogspot.com/

  2. Anonymous29.2.12

    I spend two hours with trains very day. Found couple of people to speak with. One was a older man how just brought his first computer

  3. I talked to the cashier at our local store and to someone I was standing in line with at a resturant, I do that a lot any way, so it was easy and fun. My Hubby and I are empty nesters. Our neighbors on each side have lots of kids. I make a treat for us, we each eat a piece and then the rest go to the neighbors who have lots of kids to eat the treats. It works for us and for them. The kids always write a thank you note which I put on the fridge. I love it!

  4. I Have really never met a stranger. I will talk to just about anyone tho will make eye contact. ;)
    This week is already in the bag. I was so excited to hear what the challenge is. I made Leap Day Lasagna (nothing special) and since the only way I know to make it makes a batch and a half I took the smaller dish to our neighbors. They are expecting in a few weeks and there is just the two of them...
    Everyone is happy!

  5. Hi Cheri

    This one was fun. I was killing the 1/2 hour before school pick up in our local McCAfe (yes it is directly across the road from school - bad really) and the ladies at the table next to me were talking about an online garage sale via FB, so I 'interrupted' them to ask what was for sale etc. We got chatting and next thing the man on the other side of me, moved over to join us as well. It was a real 'social' outing with strangers.


  6. i visited with an older lady on our shared bench between us while waiting at olive garden. we had the best conversation...she was from the middle of the state- we have family that live there too, and her daughter had come from rapid city- which was where my husband and 2 sons were going to, and she was here to watch her grandkids swim at a meet to qualify for state. i swam too- the conversation went on until we our seats opened....we were 2 totally chatty patties! ;)

  7. Missed last weeks but I'll hop in with this one! We just moved to a new neighborhood and it seems no one is very neighborly. I'm going to bring the change! lol


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