March 21, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something you don't naturally enjoy doing for someone else.  Well, honestly I don't enjoy cooking so I made dinner for my sister who's still recovering from having her baby. She always has to have C-sections, so her recovery is long and slow.  I dropped off some enchiladas.  She couldn't handle Mexican food while pregnant, but now she's back :)

This week's challenge is to celebrate someone else's accomplishments.  They may be small or big ones, but let's find a way to congratulate someone.  Maybe your niece got a great report card.  Maybe a co-worker got a promotion.  Maybe your child learned something new.  Find the good and celebrate it.  

So, did anyone do something they don't enjoy for someone else?  Let's hear about it.  Wake Up Wednesday comments are always my very favorite ones to read.  Thanks for joining in!


  1. I'm not a big fan of taking out the garbage. Buuut - my husband has been sick the last few days so I thought I would help him out and take the garbage out to the curb. It's amazing how something so small can really make someones day!!

  2. I have never commented and actually just happened across your blog when I was searching superhero bedroom ideas for my 4 yr old! LOVE all your great ideas. I am making baked potatoes and chicken noodle soup to give my 12 yr old daughter "options" as she just had 4 teeth pulled today :(. I hate cooking, so I think that's pretty darn awesome of me. I also let her have a milkshake for lunch.


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