March 28, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Before we get started there are two things I wanted to mention.

1) Today is the last day to take advantage of the Silhouette deal.  Read about it HERE.  Us the code "ROAR."

2) Thank you all SO MUCH all you kind people from Indianapolis who chimed in to help my sister learn about the area.  You made it sound so good that you made me want to move there!  If I didn't respond to your email personally, I'm sorry.  I DID forward them all to my sister though.  If she didn't respond to each one it's because she has a 2 week old baby and is a bit tied up.  She has really appreciated your help though.

Last week's challenge was to celebrate someone else's accomplishments.  My sweet mother-in-law officially retired last week, so we threw her a surprise party.  She actually was really surprised, which was pretty fun.  She is an amazing lady and we all had a good time celebrating her.  I just wish I had taken more picture of the event.

This week's challenge goes right along with git 'er done week.  Do something you've been putting off.  That's it.  As I mentioned yesterday, we'll have a link party on Friday so you can all show off what you've been working on.  It feels so good to get things done!

Alright.  That's it for today!  See you tomorrow with another thing I've put off for a while.  Thanks for reading.


kelly said...

does it count if i did that yesterday? i've had three things on my sewing to-do list that i've been procrastinating on for MONTHS. and they weren't big things, either. just some hemming. yesterday, i just made myself get it done. what a good feeling!

Colville Clan said...

I've had a pattern for some pants cut out forever and I finally bit the bullet and sewed them up last night. I've never made clothes and was scared I'd mess them up, but they fit & don't look too terrible! Now I can tackle the pile of other sewing projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda said...

Does doing the dishes count?

Maureen said...


I know I did something to celebrate someone else but last week was so crazy I don't remember! :( I made sure I did the challenge too so that I could write you all about it! WAA, WAA, WAA! :( I have racked my brain to try to remember and all I can remember is last week's craziness! :( I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

Our couch cushions don't come off so dirt and crumbs just sit in it being disgusting, so I think I'll finally get around to vacuuming it!

Amelia said...

I finally cleaned out the cars...took all the grody stuff out, vacuumed, cleaned the carpets, sprayed the windows, cleaned and conditioned the leather, sewed the seat that had a hole in it, bought rubber mats, and installed a trash can. Only took me 5 hours strait, but it's done! Hurray! Thanks for the kick in the pants.

Tiffany said...

I'm really smiling at this cause I have been putting something off. This is the universe telling me to get on it already! Can't help but smile. Thanks for the push :)

Kristie said...

Thank you for doing this. I have experienced something that was heartbreaking this last week with an unexpected death of my younger brother. It was a freak accident. I have followed your Wake up Wednesdays for a while, participating when I remember. Thank you for this series. It has helped me to remember to think outside of myself. And during this week, there have been many people who have shared and done many things for me and my family. I appreciate this series. And I am now going to try so much harder to pay it forward, and pass along the good.


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