April 05, 2012

Embellished Roller Shades

First off, THANK YOU so much for your kind comments yesterday.  I am so lucky to have such kind readers.  You guys really brightened my day, so thank you.

In my new crafting area there is one huge window and then two little windows on a different wall.  The big window has long curtains with a pattern on them.  I didn't want to do full long curtains on the other windows because it would just be too much print and too much fabric.  So, I decided to do something more simple on those two windows.  I added a little fabric to the bottom of these roller shades, to coordinate with the curtains on the other window.

They were really inexpensive and they give me full privacy.  I purchased thin ones, so even if they are down I still get a lot of light in.

Let me show you how it went down, in case you have a window that needs a little treatment.  Roller shades are very inexpensive ($7-9) and fairly easy to install.  I picked up these at the Depot.  You're looking for this area:

You need to measure your window before you go and that measurement needs to be EXACT.  Then one of the employees will cut the shade to fit for you.  You'll need to grab brackets to hang the shade, but there are two types, just like this picture below.  It just depends on where/how you want to mount the brackets.

To add the fabric to the bottom I measured the width of the shade and added an inch, so I could fold each side in a half an inch.  I wanted the band across the bottom to be three inches high, to I cut it to be seven.  (It's folded in half around the bottom of the shade and then an extra inch so I could fold a half inch in on both sides.  See the picture below if this isn't making sense.)

I sewed the sides up while the fabric was still open (as shown).  You don't want to sew the whole thing closed because there's a little dowel/stick that you insert into the bottom sleeve to help the shades lay nicely.

Then I folded it over the end of the shade and sewed it on.

I used a small seam allowance (1/8 inch) but I tried to consistently feel the underside with my fingers to make sure I was sewing through both layers.

Then just slip the dowel in and follow the instructions to mount the shades.

See?  The windows sandwich the framed object wall.

Two little craft room projects to go and then I'll show you the whole she-bang.

Thanks for dropping in.


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