April 18, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to give something that was yours away.  I have a pretty rug in our bedroom that my mom loves.  It happens to match her downstairs area that she's trying to finish, so I sent it her way.  She was excited to have it (and I think my dad was happy that she wouldn't be spending money on one :)  

Earth Day

This week's challenge is to do something for Earth Day.  You could pick up trash or plant a tree.  There are lots of options.  Just find a way to celebrate it.

Your turn.  Did any of you give something of yours away?  I would love to hear about it!  Thanks for reading.


  1. I just told me 4 year old what the challenge was today. She looked at me with big eyes and responded "NO". She said it with such a serious face I just had to laugh. The thing is that she is always giving things to her friends an pd sharing all the time! I guess we have more to talk about.

  2. We gave away our plastic picnic table and play fort. It was bittersweet, since we've had them for almost 10 years. They were in perfect condition--living on our back screened porch. But, my kids are getting a little big for them and my sister and her family just added mini goats to their farm, so off the playfort and table went to be used and enjoyed by the goats! Turns out the little guys play on the stuff for "mental stimulation". Who knew? AND since we've cleared out our porch, I was able to buy new seating and dining for out there! Win Win!

  3. We are moving next weeks and my boys and I loaded up the van with things we no longer use to take to Goodwill...it was a great opportunity to talk about helping others!

  4. My mother-in-laws birthday was last week. My husband brought her home some flowers for her birthday but not a vase. With your challenge ringing in my ears I grabbed one of my nice vases and started arranging the flowers. My husband was a little surprised at my eagerness. She was pretty happy about the flowers. It was nice to see something you had enjoyed bring joy to someone else. Great challenge!

  5. I didn't give anything away last week :-( But I will definitely participate in this weeks challenge and do something for earth day. I really really love reading your blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by when you get a moment to check it out. :-)

  6. I went through all my bookcases, closets and treasured baby and kid clothes and gave all the unused items to a local thrift shop. The woman was happy to receive them since they give a lot of baby items away to teenage mothers. It was difficult to part with some of the stuff...but I am grateful that someone who needs them will receive them. I guess I did two challenges in one shot. The trick is to heed a kind thought, let it go and let it be. Does wonders. Aloha.

  7. i have been purging, at 42 I am just tired of picking up stuff, cleaning stuff, etc. It has made me a more thoughtful shopper buyer and so I am taking room by room and purging! It's a great feeling

    1. I agree, purging changes the way you spend. It is definitely very refreshing.

  8. We gave away our bedroom set! I've been wanting to revamp the master bedroom but my design thoughts kept stalling out. So we gave away what we do have and now besides a few staying pieces of furniture and our mattress I have a clean slate to be inspired by!

  9. Gardenning is one of my hobby.For celebretion of Earthday we can grows manny tres.

  10. Im pretty good at sharing things in my old age. But food - forget about it! So Instead of stuffing myself I left him some of my delicious SNICKERS cheesecake from girls nite out last weekend. It took great restraint not to polish it off, but I did it and not only does he thank me, my thighs do too. Ha!


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