April 25, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something for Earth Day.  The boys and I got outside to ride bikes and run.  The weather has been nicer and it's great to be out enjoying it.  I also tried to do some research on homemade cleaning products.  There are a few nice ideas I'm going to try.

This week's challenge is to teach a child something.  A lot of you probably do this everyday, but let's think outside the box.  Maybe you could plan a fun science experiment or scavenger hunt.  Maybe you could teach a little child how to tie a shoe.  Maybe you could teach them a song.  There are lots of options.  (Just don't teach them any bad words or habits.  That doesn't count :)

Did any of you do something for Earth Day?  Let's hear about it!  Thanks for reading.


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