April 25, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to do something for Earth Day.  The boys and I got outside to ride bikes and run.  The weather has been nicer and it's great to be out enjoying it.  I also tried to do some research on homemade cleaning products.  There are a few nice ideas I'm going to try.

This week's challenge is to teach a child something.  A lot of you probably do this everyday, but let's think outside the box.  Maybe you could plan a fun science experiment or scavenger hunt.  Maybe you could teach a little child how to tie a shoe.  Maybe you could teach them a song.  There are lots of options.  (Just don't teach them any bad words or habits.  That doesn't count :)

Did any of you do something for Earth Day?  Let's hear about it!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Well, as a family, we armed ourselves with gloves and garbage bags and headed out into our neighbourhood and the local woods to pick up trash. We also planted some vegetable seeds in old milk cartons and have set them on a windowsill in hopes that they will sprout and be ready for transplanting into our garden in a month's time. Have also taken shoots from our spider plants and replanted them, so now have lots of new plants to give away. We sat and finally cracked all the walnuts collected last autumn and they've been used in three batches of brownies (it's been a busy week for events requiring sweets). We used the frozen chestnuts, also from last fall's foraging, along with some freshly picked stinging nettle and some hearty pearled spelt to make a lovely risotto, that was very local in its ingredients and, therefore, hopefully rather neutral in its carbon dioxide emission footprint. And I even tried my hand at making candied violets from the purple lovelies popping up all over the place these days. So, just enjoying this lovely earth and its many bounties and trying to be kind and responsible to her in return (-:

  2. We did some things for Earth Day even though it rained most of the day. We planted some peas, baby carrots and sweet peppers and played out in the rain in our rain boots and umbrellas!

  3. My daughter had been learning about earth conservation at school and so we went to the beach to pick up trash as a family. There was some nasty stuff out there, but I'm glad we did it. Hopefully it made someone's day to see that section of the beach clean. My daughter liked doing it so much that she's asked to go out again!

  4. We have just purchased a few acres of land and will be building our "forever house" this year (soooo excited) My mom ordered us several fruit trees from the Arbor Day foundation. We spent the weekend mulching our newly planted trees and mowing a lot of grass. We also planted some tomatoes and strawberries in the yard of our current house. :)

  5. We had grand plans for earth day and then it poured rain and I endured a very nasty headache....ugh! Next year we will get a do-over! Looking forward to this weeks, I've got a few things up my sleeve!

  6. I am loving the weather too! :) Teaching a child something might be hard, I don't have any in my life right now....but I'll find a random kid on the street and tell them why flamingos are pink :)

  7. We cleaned up the yard at my mom's rental house and planted flowers in the flowerbeds for earth day. Like you, we enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the weather.


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