May 12, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Cost Plus World Market

Yesterday we took a little trip over to Cost Plus World Market to do a little Mother's Day shopping (for me!).  It's a store I love because it has a huge variety of beautiful, unique things.  And if you still need to get a mother's day present, it's the place to go. Here's what caught my eye.  (Actually about 40 things caught my eye, but I deleted some so this post wouldn't be ridiculously long :)

They have really cute jewelry.

If my ears were pierced I totally would have snagged these.

I am a sucker for pretty scarves.

They have cute knobs just waiting to makeover a dresser.

I love this pretty mirror (and the man reflected in it and the kid in the cart with the fire hat on).

Aren't these baskets adorable?  I just wanted to scoop them all up.

Look at this pretty, rustic table.  Beautiful.

I think these poof things are so cute.  They make great photo props.

My grandma used to have some towels like this.  I am totally digging their vintage feel. 

Still haven't found a mother's day gift?  It's super easy to make a great basket there....

...and stuff it full of tasty, imported treats.

These glass cloches would also make a great gift.

And I love these classic dishes. 

They even have really cute chalkboard labels and these other fun labels, too.

So, what did I decide to take home?  The classic white dishes.  (I know!  It was really hard to decide.)  The dishes we've been using since we were married are super heavy and really big.  I decided it was time to consolidate and get some dishes the boys and we could both use.  I am really excited to have something so timeless.

And they had these smaller bowls that I thought would be perfect for the boys' cereal. 

So thank you Cost Plus World Market.  I love your store!

And right now they are doing an awesome sweepstakes and the grand prize is a trip for 2 to Rio de Janeiro.  It's ends in a few days.  Will one of you please win and take me with you?  :)  Read more about it HERE.  Plus, they are giving away a $100 gift card to a facebook fan each day. Find Cost Plus World Market HERE on facebook and HERE on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

Disclosure:  I was given a Cost Plus World Market gift card and no other compensation.  The opinions are all mine and I just think this place rocks.


Partain Family said...

I love Cost Plus World Market! We had one in Spokane, where I used to live and it was my FAVORITE place to shop. SO many cool things!!!

Lorilee said...

I had never hears of that store. Now I want to visit one. Good choice on those dishes.
Happy Mother's Day,

Craftcherry said...

I try not to go in there very often. I always come out with WAY more than I intended. I love it so. I may have to make a trip soon though. A couple of my white soup bowls broke and I would love to replace them.

srldesign said...

I love that store...great stuff, that I am always drooling over. the bath soaps are my fave.

midwest momma said...

Your blog made me jealous and miss where we used to live! :) We had one within walking distance of our we have to drive over an hour. I am glad you were able to get those beautiful dishes! Hope you have a good Mothers Day weekend!

valentinegirl said...

They have great solid wood tables and furniture. I have a buffet and sofa table from there!

Rags to Stitches Blog said...

I recently bought those same white dishes and we love them!! Our dishes from when we got married were chipped and bulky and I love new new ones! We were there shopping for Mother's Day today and I almost bought those same neon earrings!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Tiffany said...

Hey Cost Market, two words for you: East Coast?. I went to their site a lil while back in awe, so I tried to find one, nothing up here near PA, NJ, NY. I would love a store like that, a little mix of everything. For now, I have Tarjay.

The Miller Five said...

Those knobs! I have been wanting cute knobs for my daughter's dresser. I am loving the crystal looking ones in the top left of the picture. And wow! I didn't know your ears weren't pierced?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie Roper said...

I am OBSESSEEd with everything at world market. I just love how comfortable all of their home decorations make me feel. They have such great furniture! And tableware! And on top of everything, it's the only brick and mortar store where I can find the French bonbon candies! So delicious!


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