May 02, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to teach a child something.  When I had my nephews over the other day, I thought it would be fun to make that plasma slime with them.  You know the one with corn starch?  We made it in middle school science once.

I let the boys each pick their color.  They seriously loved it, which made it worth the mess.

Sorry!  Picture overload here, but I can't help myself.

Ha!  This one's my favorite.  "Oh Aunt Cheri, this is awesome."

Alright, this week's challenge is to report a job well done.  We did this one last year and it was fun.  You could tell the manager of a store or restaurant about a great employee.  You could call the parent of a child who is kind.  I plan on doing what a couple of you suggested - writing the WM company about our awesome garbageman.

So, did any of you get a chance to teach a child something?  I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks for reading.


  1. This is an easy one. I am a preschool teacher by day and a blogger by night, so to speak. Haha. So I am constantly teaching my kids. They are such sponges it is the easiest job. You just have to come up with new ideas. Your slime is perfect for the kids. We do gak and of course play doh but we haven't done slime yet. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Ahh, I loved this as a kid! And my 4-year-old loves it always asking, "Can I play with 'cornscotch'?" What a fun challenge--I'm asking to start taking part each Wednesday!

  3. I thought of this post from last year just last week. I went to the bank drive-thru, the teller was so good. She listened to my needs, was quick at my transaction, saw my little boy in the backseat and offered him a little toy. My kids were thrilled, I was happy, and I thought I should do something about it. The next day I called the bank and talked to the manager. I believe he was pleasanlty surprised that I wasn't complaining, and thrilled to hear something great about an employee. I don't always participate in your particular challenges, but I think about them often and try to look for ways to be better at serving others. Thanks

  4. I've been teaching my kiddo "Red light means stop, green light means go, yellow means caution and you must go slow" for the past week. I think it's starting to sink in; yesterday we got caught in a patch of slow traffic, and my 2-year-old said, "but Mama, green light means go!" Anyway, you can't start too young on these things!

  5. I taught my grandson(age 12)how to make an arrow to go with my Pex pipe bow! He had so much fun shooting targets in our back yard.

  6. I taught my oldest how to making that snapping sound with his gum! He was amazed and I was left wondering if that was such a good idea ;) haha!

  7. I love the slime, my son and I made it last year and gave it away as party favors for his birthday. I told a mom this week that her son stood up for my son when someone was bullying him, it was the best thing to tell a parent.

    1. Kelly, As the parent of a son with several special needs I get told all the time about all of the less than wonderful things he does, so when someone tells me something good it literally changes my life! Good for you, I bet that mom was so grateful to you! I just love people like you:)

  8. Yes! Part of my job is teaching kids about their teeth. In the last week I have done presentations for several hundred Elementary students in Wichita. My favorite part is making them laugh when I show them ways to take care of their teeth using silly games and jokes. :)

  9. My daughter and I had the opportunity to teach her 1st grade class about autism last week. Her brother has it, and we have been working all month at raising awareness about it, so I was really proud of her when she - with no prompting from me- took the initiative to ask her teacher if I could come in and read our favorite book about autism to the class. It was a really great opportunity to not only answer some great questions, but to hear her talk about her brother and the things she does to help him, and how she loves him and wants everyone else to love him too. She's amazing! Actually, the whole class was amazing and really surprised me with their comments and questions.

  10. I've been teaching my boys to swim! tough since they are 2 and 3, but essential because we are visiting grandma and grandpa later this summer and they have a pool.


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